Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

After we got married, my husband and I decided that a four-night honeymoon should suffice as enough time to get away. We would be traveling a month later to go visit our families across country and we thought this would also count towards a restful experience.

What I didn’t realize is how valuable it is for a couple to escape the world after pronouncing their vows. As I am going through the many traditions of getting married, I am seeing that there is a purpose to many of these traditions, not just the honeymoon.

First, my brother-in-law clued me in about a year ago when Rod and I were thinking of getting engaged. He said that there is something special about having friends and family around when you make this commitment and he highly recommended not eloping. Up until then, I didn’t see the purpose in spending the money for a bigger wedding and was perfectly happy to do it with just our immediate family.

When my six closest girlfriends and all my cousins said they wouldn’t miss the wedding for the world and traveled from London, New York, and San Francisco to Los Angeles for the event, I saw what my brother-in-law was talking about. This was a big deal and it was so important to me to have my inner circle around. These are memories to last a lifetime and I wanted my VIPs there.

Next, I saw that the six-month standard engagement period is well worth the wait. Initially, again, I thought we could organize everything within two to three months. We’re excited to start a family so I thought this might help the timeline. When we spoke to our pastor, he highly recommended taking the six months because he said it takes just about that amount of time to prepare everything. He was right.

I was busy for each of those days and I needed every last second. In addition, it gave us time to hash out any big, last remaining projects, such as what my last name would be and how we would spend our finances. I’m very happy to have gotten these conversations completed without pressure.

Lastly, and back to the vacation time, I am still craving three to six more nights of our honeymoon. I feel that this time as a couple is precious and time that we will never have again once we do start that family. With these thoughts, I booked three long weekends away this spring for us to “catch-up” on our honeymoon time. We’ll escape the real world for a few nights with our dog, to keep this tradition.

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