Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

I really wonder what is going to happen when I have children because I am already so absent-minded around the house. Although I never completely lose my cell phone, it’s about 5 times per day that I have to ask myself “where did I put it down?”.
With the rush forward of so many functions now happening via mobile, I feel I use my phone more and more. I check my online banking, I find out who has registered for my yoga classes, and I keep in touch with colleagues primarily via email and text.
Thus, I came up with a slightly goofy way this week to keep track of my phone when I’m doing tasks around the house like working in the kitchen and moving between rooms. I put my phone in a little cell phone carrier that is light and easy to carry. Here is a video of me moving through my house with it. My husband thinks I’m a total goof ball, but I love not needing to think about one more thing!

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