Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

I just heard of a hair trick via that I think is very useful! By adding coconut oil to your regular conditioner, you can create an extra moisturizing treatment for your locks.  Who knew!

I just got a new conditioner that I love and that smells so yummy.  In this article by Livestrong, they recommend keeping the mixture on your head for a longer period of time.  With this conditioner smelling of peppermint, it is like a trip to the spa!

Here is the core steps of the article that I use:

Step 1

Choose a deep conditioner with a cream consistency over a thick or gel like formula. This will be less heavy on the hair and serve as a good base for the oils. This is what I used:

Step 2

Remove 1/2 cup of deep #conditioner from the packaging and place it in a bowl.

Step 3

Measure out 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Rub them between your palms until they dissolve into a cream like consistency, and add it to the deep conditioner. Add any small chunks that remain to the conditioner as well.

Step 4

Apply the deep conditioner to your hair after shampooing, and place a shower cap over top. Allow it to sink in to the hair overnight if possible for optimal results.

Step 5

Thoroughly rinse the conditioner from the hair. Coconut oil is thicker than regular conditioning agents, and will leave build up if excess is left behind. Shampoo again to remove the bulk of the conditioner if necessary.

Step 6

Rinse the hair with cold water to seal in nutrients and shine provided by the oils.

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