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Always In The Car When You Live In LA

When a day comes that I don’t have to get into the car, I consider it a vacation. It’s just the way that life is here in L.A. We drive everywhere and it takes typically 45 minutes to get anywhere. For friends that live on the other side of town, I don’t see them.

This week, I got a set of car shades to keep Maggie and I cool during these hot summer days. It’s been getting up into the eighties and the sun is strong. Beyond that, I had to take a dose of antibiotics this past week which lower my resistance to the sun. Within a few minutes, my skin was already getting red.

Thus, life in L.A. has its pros and cons. Fortunately, I would take the car any day over public transportation. After spending too many years on the NYC subway, I’m happy to be in my private, air-conditioned, clean space. I just wish there wasn’t so much traffic all the time.

L.A. summer day and trying to keep cool! #dogslife #windowshade #backseatdriver #mrbenesunshade

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