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Thyroid Boosters And Exercises for the Throat

As mentioned in previous posts, I created a video with where we focused on exercises for the liver, kidneys, and thyroid. Besides taking my regular thyroid booster supplement, I try and do these poses as well:

Getting Our Vitamin D….Somehow, Someway

Despite my best efforts to get more sun this summer, the best way to increase my Vitamin D is still via supplements. I’m not sure if it’s the way our bodies absorb magnesium and calcium, or the quality of these vitamins in today’s food (my top thought), but it’s the truth. 5000 UI per day has done the trick to get it to a “normal” level…now, that’s a lot Vitamin D.

I created a video to demonstrate what Maggie and I have done to get some sun exposure :).

Vegan Omega-3 Supplements

When I got my package today of vegan Omega-3s, I saw that the daily dosage was much lower than my traditional DHA supplements. I did some research on the internet at All About Algae, and this is what I found:

This algal oil label says to use 200 mg (DHA/EPA) per day

This fish oil label says to use 1200 mg (DHA/EPA) per day

200 mg vs 1000 mg! Why the difference?

“Because DHA is the active component for lowering triglycerides, for bioavailability to the brain and organs, and all omega-3s can be made from DHA. Algae oil is more concentrated in omega-3s and in DHA and is thus better formulated for human metabolism.”
–Dr. Scott Doughman, algae researcher

Who knew that the vegan solution was more powerful than the mainstream solution? Less pill makes a difference in my book.  I will be getting that at:

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Natural Food Coloring Ingredients

Last night, my husband took out some Edy’s ice cream and started reading the ingredients. His butter pecan caught me off-guard when he said “turmeric color“. What? A spice from Persia is in his American indulgence? Could this be the same as the supplement I recently started taking to decrease inflammation and was recommended by my acupuncturist?

I then googled turmeric color and see that it is listed as a great way to color naturally. I am not going to ask why butter pecan ice cream needs coloring, but it did make me aware that there are a handful of ways to color foods without using traditional food coloring. This article here lists four (

1. Beet juice. It can be added to frosting for a rosy, pink hue.
2. Blueberries. Smash 14 of them, then drain the juice for a deep blue shade.
3. Both of the above: combine the two to create shades of purple.
4. Turmeric powder. A teaspoon of this and you’ve got the perfect shade of yellow.
5. Avocado. Smash half a small avocado, then combine with the frosting using a fork.

Here’s to finding natural solutions for almost anything…and finding ways to eat good-for-you turmeric! If you are looking for a great supplement, try NativOrganics!

Raw Dog Food?

Sometimes Maggie will leave her food in her bowl all day. She’s not a big eater. By the end of the day, she’ll get to it, but she’ll only really eat when she’s truly hungry.

Today, we got a shipment of raw beef for dogs. It felt strange putting hamburger meat in her bowl and letting her go at it, but the manufacturer is a high-end dogfood provider so I decided to trust it.

I have never seen her attack her food like she did tonight. It was down the hatch in seconds.

It made me think more about what her ancestors ate before dogs were brought into the home and looked after by people. They for sure didn’t have stoves or even campfires to heat up any tasty morsels. Raw meat is probably what they ate for the most part. I found this article that mentions that dogs very often ate rats (

I created a video here so you can see how I prepared it and how she dug right into it. No hesitation!

Always In The Car When You Live In LA

When a day comes that I don’t have to get into the car, I consider it a vacation. It’s just the way that life is here in L.A. We drive everywhere and it takes typically 45 minutes to get anywhere. For friends that live on the other side of town, I don’t see them.

This week, I got a set of car shades to keep Maggie and I cool during these hot summer days. It’s been getting up into the eighties and the sun is strong. Beyond that, I had to take a dose of antibiotics this past week which lower my resistance to the sun. Within a few minutes, my skin was already getting red.

Thus, life in L.A. has its pros and cons. Fortunately, I would take the car any day over public transportation. After spending too many years on the NYC subway, I’m happy to be in my private, air-conditioned, clean space. I just wish there wasn’t so much traffic all the time.

L.A. summer day and trying to keep cool! #dogslife #windowshade #backseatdriver #mrbenesunshade

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It’s official…my dad is retiring to California! He’s currently in escrow so hopefully everything will go smoothly over the next month, and then after that, he’ll no longer be a Washingtonian (D.C.). He found a great two-bedroom condo in a retirement community just 30 minutes from my and my husband. We spent about three years narrowing down the right place and we think we found it. I can’t wait to have him move in.

He’s visiting again next month for the last time before he closes. I’m getting the guest bathroom set up with some new cool luxury shampoo that I got. When he visits, we swim almost everyday so this way he’ll be able to keep his hair healthy. After he gets his keys, we’ll swim more often near his new pad!


Maggie got a new hawaiian shirt this week and we are testing it out with some California sun. If my cousin comes to visit this fall from Honolulu, we’ll be all set-up with our fashions!

Aloha! We love our hawaiian shirt and the California sun #dogslife #hawaii #hawaiianshirt #playadelrey #sun #california

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Maggie Likes Compression Socks Too!

Today, I tried to emulate the current fashions in the stores and try on my winter boots with my compression socks.  Maggie likes them and I do too!


I got them here:

Glorious Los Angeles Sun!

My dad is in the process of moving to southern California and I really can’t blame him.  The weather here is just fantastic.  Today, I took my new yoga pad outside and did a few sun salutations under the blue skies.  It was great.  I posted a video here:


When the sun is out, it truly is so much easier to get motivated and to do things.  Even if we are trapped inside the house like I am today because I’m waiting for a package, I am finding so many things to tackle. I am doing things that I have often put off when the skies are cloudy and gray…baking zucchini bread, doing laundry, and writing this post!

Fortunately, the sun is out a majority of the time here in LA and this is why I’m looking forward to having my dad here in the long term.  Washington D.C. is a beautiful place to live as well, but the snowy winters and humid summers can be left behind!