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Hotel Living in Switzerland

The valley were I spent many childhood summers is currently being featured on a Swiss travel website. With views like this, no wonder I kept going back!

Analytics for My Dog

You can find your pedometer here, if you are interested in this OZO fitness model. It’s doggy approved!

Loving Life With Dogs

As many people know, I love taking my dog with me to as many places as I can.  I read an article at the end of last year from a CEO on that encourages all of his employees to bring their dogs to work with them because it provides a feeling of companionship.  I couldn’t agree more.

As an only child, I remember my first few days of living in a college dorm and I loved it.  Within a few feet I had people to speak to, interact with, and “keep me company”.  I am not only  an only child, but also an extravert and so this consistent engagement with people was energizing and exhilarating.

As for dogs, they provide energy to people who are introverts as well.  I think often of my family members who refuel their minds by spending time “alone”.  To them, alone means without people, but certainly not without dogs.

Last week, Maggie and I got a water bottle that we can share because it comes with two tops – one for me and one for her.  I love it.  We are now planning our next outing!


Creating A Little Fun

Sometimes, it’s fun to just change things up and provide humor to our day. I have been reading a lot recently on the benefits of humor, how it gives us a break from our day-to-day, and is a thoroughly-researched technique to communicate messages. Malcolm Gladwell also spoke to it recently when he said that it is very difficult to make people cry with a message, but not so difficult to make them laugh. With these thoughts, I decided to include some of my wit from my everyday task of opening up packages. Here is my recent post from Instagram:

Foot Soak!

I typically don’t have feet issues like fungus, bunions, or athlete’s foot, but who doesn’t love a luxurious foot soak? Recently, I got some natural salts to add to warm water that helps to refresh and clean the feet. It has tea tree oil and smells delicious. It also tingles slightly when I put my feet in the mixture.

Here in L.A., we are often in our cars more than we are on our feet, but I still like to soak my toes at the end of the day. There is something about letting the feet relax that brings relaxation to spread throughout the whole body. I highly recommend this soak as a nightly activity on your agenda!

Blocking Out Sound

Recently, my husband has had some friends over on Saturday morning to help install our new security camera system.  They are very nice, but they are also noisy.  When I am trying to get some work done, I need to have it be completely quiet.

At the same time, I know that my husband likes to go to the firing range sometimes on the weekend. My Dad has been hearing impaired since his thirties because he didn’t wear good ear protection during his experience in ROTC. Now, we’re having to deal with hearing aids and an almost complete loss of this sense.

Thus, I got a set of earblock headphones that we can both use. I use them when my husband is in the house and he uses them when he goes out!

Cobra Pose and The Benefits for the Thyroid #video

This is an excerpt from a previous post from March 4, 2014, but a good one.  As I continue to take my great thyroid boosting supplements, the post reminded me of one of the yoga poses that is good for the thyroid….Cobra Pose:

CobraPoseLivestrongA basic pose to yoga, this exercise puts pressure on the stomach when you lie face down.  Benefits include stimulating the heart and lungs, as well as the thyroid, which boosts the immune system.  It also massages the kidney and adrenal glands.  Lastly, it helps to eliminate constipation.

Bring the heart up to the sky, but be careful not to put too much pressure on the lower back.  Go as far as feels comfortable. Hold for 8-10 breaths.

For video instruction on the above poses, click here.

Did You Know You Can Easily Take Your Pulse At Home?

I love this new laser technology where with a purchase of just a few dollars, you can measure your pulse at any time…just limit it to twice a day.

With these new pulse oximeters, you just stick your finger in the plastic small contraption and within a few seconds, it reads your current pulse. They say that because it reads it with a laser, it is not recommended to measure it more than twice a day.

Now, there is no more guessing if our heart is beating fast…now we know. I love technology! Here is the great one that I got:


This week, Maggie got a really cool new booster seat so that she can look out the window while we’re driving.  It not only gives her some entertainment, but it also protects her if I ever have to stop short.  She’s secure in the seat as well.

Unfortunately, Maggie wasn’t in the mood when I escorted her to her new position this week.  She was tired and sleepy so looking out the window wasn’t her cup of tea.  You can see here her expression:


I truly believe she thinks she is a human and doesn’t understand these fantastic things made for dogs.  Since I think the booster seat is good for her safety, it isn’t going away quite yet.  I am hopeful that on another day she’ll better understand it’s fantastic value.

Compression Socks Galore!

My dad and every other person I know these days wears compressions socks. They have become so popular. My dad said that he used to wear just one, but now wears them on both feet because they help keep his circulation in check during the day. He ends the day with non-swollen and non-red ankles. I think this is great. It’s a natural solution and it’s improving his life!

I just got him another pair so he doesn’t have to worry about keeping them washed! I got them here:

Telefoane samsung