Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

This week I finished catching up on the only HBO series that had me hooked, Girls. I watched a few episodes when it first came out and I loved it, but I didn’t have HBO. Now that it is available on Amazon, as well as HBONow, I was able to get back to my obsession. There have only been two or three times in my life when I was drawn in so closely to a show and this was one of those times.

While I was watching Girls last night, my husband was watching YouTube videos on survival and camping gear. He loves watching homemade videos from other “gadget geeks” who compare products and best practices for living in times of distress.  Last night, they couldn’t stop talking about this awesome emergency whistle. As mentioned, all of our friends know that if there was ever an earthquake or riot in Los Angeles, our house would be the place to come. We have enough food and first aid gear to supply an army for a few weeks.

As we split up last night to watch our own shows, I was reminded how there are clear differences between boys and girls. It’s genetic where he loves to surround himself with equipment, survival items, and camping gear. I, on the other hand, was much more content with watching young women experience their twenties via career, relationships, and makeup. There are some things that are just ingrained in us as humans.

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