Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

Recently, I’ve been looking for things to brighten up our kitchen. Perhaps it’s the springtime with the bursts of flowers everywhere, but instead of buying the same colors all the time – grey, black, or beige – I’ve been choosing bright ones. Pink, orange, and turquoise! For example, I was able to choose between grey and orange this week on some new fabulous grilling gloves and I went for the neon. Go big or go home!

It must be in the air because my mom sent me an article from her favorite website, She loves to decorate and this time the space she chose to share was also filled with patterns, bright colors, and bold photos on the walls. She too normally loves neutral colors, but she too much be looking to jazz things up.

I think bright colors are a good thing to have around. It seems to brighten up my life too. I love reaching into my kitchen drawer now for those gloves or the other things I’ve gotten recently in this rush. I lost an auction today for a pair of black pants on eBay, but perhaps it’s for the best. I’m looking to keep things bright for a while!

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