Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry


Blocking Out Sound

Recently, my husband has had some friends over on Saturday morning to help install our new security camera system.  They are very nice, but they are also noisy.  When I am trying to get some work done, I need to have it be completely quiet.

At the same time, I know that my husband likes to go to the firing range sometimes on the weekend. My Dad has been hearing impaired since his thirties because he didn’t wear good ear protection during his experience in ROTC. Now, we’re having to deal with hearing aids and an almost complete loss of this sense.

Thus, I got a set of earblock headphones that we can both use. I use them when my husband is in the house and he uses them when he goes out!

Compression Socks Galore!

My dad and every other person I know these days wears compressions socks. They have become so popular. My dad said that he used to wear just one, but now wears them on both feet because they help keep his circulation in check during the day. He ends the day with non-swollen and non-red ankles. I think this is great. It’s a natural solution and it’s improving his life!

I just got him another pair so he doesn’t have to worry about keeping them washed! I got them here:


It’s official…my dad is retiring to California! He’s currently in escrow so hopefully everything will go smoothly over the next month, and then after that, he’ll no longer be a Washingtonian (D.C.). He found a great two-bedroom condo in a retirement community just 30 minutes from my and my husband. We spent about three years narrowing down the right place and we think we found it. I can’t wait to have him move in.

He’s visiting again next month for the last time before he closes. I’m getting the guest bathroom set up with some new cool luxury shampoo that I got. When he visits, we swim almost everyday so this way he’ll be able to keep his hair healthy. After he gets his keys, we’ll swim more often near his new pad!

Glorious Los Angeles Sun!

My dad is in the process of moving to southern California and I really can’t blame him.  The weather here is just fantastic.  Today, I took my new yoga pad outside and did a few sun salutations under the blue skies.  It was great.  I posted a video here:


When the sun is out, it truly is so much easier to get motivated and to do things.  Even if we are trapped inside the house like I am today because I’m waiting for a package, I am finding so many things to tackle. I am doing things that I have often put off when the skies are cloudy and gray…baking zucchini bread, doing laundry, and writing this post!

Fortunately, the sun is out a majority of the time here in LA and this is why I’m looking forward to having my dad here in the long term.  Washington D.C. is a beautiful place to live as well, but the snowy winters and humid summers can be left behind!

My Parents And Pesky Stains

Although my parents have been divorced for almost 30 years, I still feel like they have some interesting things in common and can see how they got together in the first place. I can also see why it didn’t last, but their interest in fashion, European living, and parenting are ones that I am sure brought them together initially and easily.

One of the other things that has commonly developed for them both individually is their amazing ability to remove stains. When they come to visit, each of them often help me review my closet and my house for items that need some upkeep. My whites always look whiter and my colors always look brighter after they leave.

This week, I discovered a new product that I am looking forward to trying when they come out next as we are all often comparing the latest soaps and technologies. I learned that lemon essential oil is a great way to take out stains. I found these directions on and am looking forward to trying it out:

“Stain Remover Directions
Apply the Lemon essential oil ( all over the stain. Immediately throw the item in the washing machine and wash. This does not work like other stain removers. You can use it on old dried out stains and I have done this before but the trick is to apply the Lemon essential oil right before you throw it in the washer. If you let the Lemon sit on there to ‘pre-treat’ the stain then you might end up with a bit of a yellowing effect!
– See more at:…/easy-homemade-stain-remover.…

Cooking Up A Storm

When my dad was visiting, we were often in the kitchen in the afternoons working on our next culinary creation.  We are not chefs by any means and even had a theory when I was growing up that if the dish took longer than 10 minutes to make, we weren’t interested.  Now, as my dad retires and I move through the first few months of our marriage, we are both looking to get a little more adventurous.

Here we are cooking also with our new gadgets like our Kitchen Zest new measuring spoons!

Activities With Dad

IMG_1671 My dad and I have a lot in common. When we spend time together, we always come up with interesting things to do. Typically, we swim once a day, we go to church on Sundays, and we do errands in between. On this most recent visit, we also picked up a new hobby of cooking and baking. My dad was eager to help me try out new recipes in the kitchen with interesting components such as baking with almond flour, cooking without cane sugar, and testing out my new ice cream maker. We had so much fun.

Next month, I’ll go and visit my dad in Washington, D.C. and help him get packed up to move closer to me. He recently retired and has found a great new condo and community about 30 minutes from my house for people who are 55+. We are excited to be closer to one another and to do so many of our old and new activities together.

Recently, I got a new padlock to use when we go swimming to store our things while we are out at the pool. I got a set of two so that we’ll both have one for our new adventures!

Letting Go Of Belongings 

This year marks the 15 year anniversary of selling my childhood home. I’m glad we did it then because I’m not sure I could do it now. I’m glad the separation is behind me. Over the last few days I’ve been thinking more about what it would be like if we still lived there. I think about how cool it would be to stand in our old kitchen and talk the way we used to. My grandmother raised my dad and uncles there too. There is so much history in those countertops.

I think I’m getting my sentimental with age. My dad is thinking of moving again and it’s making me long for a place that we’ve lived in for a long time. He hopes to bring our dining room set with him and I think that will be nice.  We have used excellent polish and have looked after it immaculately.  Initially, I thought he was being silly.  It seats ten people so it’s been difficult to find a retirement home that has a dining room to fit it.  Over the last few days, I have seen why it’s so important.

Tradition and family is so important.  We build our lives on these beliefs, foundations, and what our relatives think of our choices.  As I mentioned, I don’t think I could part with that house now that I am 40.  When I was 25, I was looking for new adventures and happy to leave home behind. Now, all I want to do is go home.

Doing Away With Plastic

Today, I got an all-purpose cleanser that comes with one bottle, but eight soap containers.  The solution is concentrated and when you run out of one, you insert the next one into the original squirt bottle.  You use the same plastic spray bottle each time.  I created a YouTube Video of myself filling it for the first time:

It brought to mind the U.S.-wide urge to do away with plastic bottles.  In my opinion, if there are ways to get around using extra plastic, then we should do it.  In Europe, they have never really used plastic bags at the grocery store.  The U.S. is just catching onto this idea.

The idea of doing away with plastic water bottles though does sound interesting since we have become so used to them in the past years.  I am looking forward to seeing how cities like San Francisco do without using them (

My Dad is coming to visit this week and he is very good about ensuring he has his own bag when going into the grocery store. As for me, I often still forget it consistently in the car.  I most often don’t buy a bag, but end up juggling my items in my arms out of the store.  Let’s see if he can get me more in the habit and looking less like a monkey.  I seem to have the plastic thing taken care of at home.