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Loving Life With Dogs

As many people know, I love taking my dog with me to as many places as I can.  I read an article at the end of last year from a CEO on that encourages all of his employees to bring their dogs to work with them because it provides a feeling of companionship.  I couldn’t agree more.

As an only child, I remember my first few days of living in a college dorm and I loved it.  Within a few feet I had people to speak to, interact with, and “keep me company”.  I am not only  an only child, but also an extravert and so this consistent engagement with people was energizing and exhilarating.

As for dogs, they provide energy to people who are introverts as well.  I think often of my family members who refuel their minds by spending time “alone”.  To them, alone means without people, but certainly not without dogs.

Last week, Maggie and I got a water bottle that we can share because it comes with two tops – one for me and one for her.  I love it.  We are now planning our next outing!



This week, Maggie got a really cool new booster seat so that she can look out the window while we’re driving.  It not only gives her some entertainment, but it also protects her if I ever have to stop short.  She’s secure in the seat as well.

Unfortunately, Maggie wasn’t in the mood when I escorted her to her new position this week.  She was tired and sleepy so looking out the window wasn’t her cup of tea.  You can see here her expression:


I truly believe she thinks she is a human and doesn’t understand these fantastic things made for dogs.  Since I think the booster seat is good for her safety, it isn’t going away quite yet.  I am hopeful that on another day she’ll better understand it’s fantastic value.

Getting Our Vitamin D….Somehow, Someway

Despite my best efforts to get more sun this summer, the best way to increase my Vitamin D is still via supplements. I’m not sure if it’s the way our bodies absorb magnesium and calcium, or the quality of these vitamins in today’s food (my top thought), but it’s the truth. 5000 UI per day has done the trick to get it to a “normal” level…now, that’s a lot Vitamin D.

I created a video to demonstrate what Maggie and I have done to get some sun exposure :).

Raw Dog Food?

Sometimes Maggie will leave her food in her bowl all day. She’s not a big eater. By the end of the day, she’ll get to it, but she’ll only really eat when she’s truly hungry.

Today, we got a shipment of raw beef for dogs. It felt strange putting hamburger meat in her bowl and letting her go at it, but the manufacturer is a high-end dogfood provider so I decided to trust it.

I have never seen her attack her food like she did tonight. It was down the hatch in seconds.

It made me think more about what her ancestors ate before dogs were brought into the home and looked after by people. They for sure didn’t have stoves or even campfires to heat up any tasty morsels. Raw meat is probably what they ate for the most part. I found this article that mentions that dogs very often ate rats (

I created a video here so you can see how I prepared it and how she dug right into it. No hesitation!

Always In The Car When You Live In LA

When a day comes that I don’t have to get into the car, I consider it a vacation. It’s just the way that life is here in L.A. We drive everywhere and it takes typically 45 minutes to get anywhere. For friends that live on the other side of town, I don’t see them.

This week, I got a set of car shades to keep Maggie and I cool during these hot summer days. It’s been getting up into the eighties and the sun is strong. Beyond that, I had to take a dose of antibiotics this past week which lower my resistance to the sun. Within a few minutes, my skin was already getting red.

Thus, life in L.A. has its pros and cons. Fortunately, I would take the car any day over public transportation. After spending too many years on the NYC subway, I’m happy to be in my private, air-conditioned, clean space. I just wish there wasn’t so much traffic all the time.

L.A. summer day and trying to keep cool! #dogslife #windowshade #backseatdriver #mrbenesunshade

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Maggie got a new hawaiian shirt this week and we are testing it out with some California sun. If my cousin comes to visit this fall from Honolulu, we’ll be all set-up with our fashions!

Aloha! We love our hawaiian shirt and the California sun #dogslife #hawaii #hawaiianshirt #playadelrey #sun #california

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Maggie Likes Compression Socks Too!

Today, I tried to emulate the current fashions in the stores and try on my winter boots with my compression socks.  Maggie likes them and I do too!


I got them here:

New Toys for Maggie

IMG_1642My little dog Maggie doesn’t really like toys, but she loves hanging out with adult humans.  It’s her favorite to walk around greeting people or just lying down at the park and watching people walk by.  Corgis are known to be social dogs and she fits the stereotype completely.

Thus, when we get her “toys”, these are never the typical dog toys like stuffed animals or bones.  This month, we got a cover for the front seat of my car to protect the seat from her dog hair.  Although she doesn’t shed very much, it’s still enough to notice after a few weeks.

Now that she has her new item, it’s much easier to take her around town with me and for her to interact with people.  Toys are meant to bring enjoyment and this bucket seat protector is for sure doing it’s job!

Good Day For A Car Wash!

The weather in California, as well as in Europe, has been so warm recently.  I’ve been enjoying it by going to yoga and using the heat to more easily open up my muscles and joints.  Maggie and I have taken our walks either in the morning or in the evening which has also been a nice change of pace.

I often speak to the benefit of the heat for our bodies.  I feel it’s important to sweat at least once a day for detox reasons. By nature, I don’t sweat easily so it’s important for me to do things that create that energy such as yoga and spin.

Here I am getting ready to wash my car with my new chenille gloves that are great.  Washing the car is more meditative than sweaty, but if the heat keeps up, it might be different!



Getting Some Rest

Maggie likes to get rest despite wanting to go for a walk almost every minute of everyday.  I put these cool eye shades on her last week and although she thinks they are a little strange for a dog, she is most often happy to stay lying on the floor.

I feel very fortunate that I have a dog that is calm most times of the day. She gets excited when she sees her leash or when one of us come home from being away, but for the most part, she’s mellow and peaceful. For this reason, I enjoy bringing her with me to many destinations/appointments because I know that she’ll most likely just relax while I accomplish my tasks.

As I tell most people, “she chose me”. I got her from a friend of a friend whose family was getting divorced and no one could take her into their new homes. I was all set to get another dog from the shelter, but 24 hours before I was scheduled to go get that dog, Maggie appeared from her foster mother. They say that it’s important to identify the temperament of a dog before you choose them per Cesar Milan, but I didn’t have a choice in this situation.  It was just pure luck. After just spending a few hours with her, I knew she was meant for me.

Very grateful to have a peaceful puppy! #smarterRest #takehereverywhere

Posted by Ingrid Wellness on Thursday, July 2, 2015