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Loving Her Treats!

My little dog Maggie loves certain dog treats. When one catches her eye, she can’t seem to take them off her treat (per the photo below).

Not all treats are the same and I think she has a good instinct on which ones are good for her.  She trusts her instincts on many foods and always stays away from basic dog “no-nos” like onions and chocolate.  If we are walking on the street and she finds such an item before I can identify it, she consistently sniffs it, but then walks away.

I’m glad that Maggie is liking her turkey liver treats in this photo.  They are all-natural and pure liver.  Since she doesn’t get liver for dinner very often, this is a great way to get the nutrients in an easy way. I’m all for her trusting her instincts!

Keeping her eyes on the ball/treat! #dogslife #stewartpet

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Helping The Skin Recover From Sun Damage

I am often in the sun during the day.  In LA, it’s hard not to be.  I walk the dog and I run between errands, teaching yoga classes, and cleaning up around the house.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve started to apply Vitamin C Serum at night on my skin to help recuperate any sun damage that I may receive during the day.  They say that this is a natural way to help put back together the cells that eventually cause wrinkles.  At 40, I am starting to think about these things.  I have always looked young for my age, but I’d like to keep it that way.

A Small Change Created A Big Change

When I first had the idea of getting a dog, I had no idea how my life would change so much. This week, as I put an organizer on the backseat of my passenger seat in the car, I realized that my life is no longer the same.

Maggie now not only has a definitive place in the car for her “things”, but she has a permanent stamp on my life. Her leash, bowl, and snacks all are organized in special pockets so that I can easily grab them when we are on the run. I got this organizer because I was tired of fishing around the backseat when I needed something. Initially, I thought that I would rarely reach for these items, but after many frustrated moments, I decided my time without an organizer had come to an end. In my mind, these were for mothers and hoarders, but alas I had become a doggie mother and I could no longer deny it.

I also have changed my lifestyle in that I no longer travel as much and I choose projects based on how much time I can spend at home and/or take her with me. Although she is fine staying at home for hours by herself, I don’t like to leave her. She is much happier when either we are home with her or she can come with us. If I have an option, I always choose to take her with me. Good bye are the days of jetting off to Europe at a moment’s notice or being out all day in town. To be more grounded was a big part of why I got her, but I didn’t think she would go with me everywhere I go.

If I think back to when I decided to adopt Maggie over three years ago, I had no idea how my life would change. It’s certainly different and it’s certainly better. Despite now having an organizer in my car and seeing the airport less, it’s improved. Seeing her face everyday and sharing this joy with my husband, who also doesn’t travel much, is worth it’s weight in gold.

Maggie has her own filing system in my car… Dog bowl, leash, treats. #dogslife #letsgo #heretoserve

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Sending Pictures To Grandma

My mother-in-law doesn’t do Facebook or have a computer. She sends us hard copy 4×6″ photos every few months to update us on what is going on in her life. She lives 3000 miles away so keeping her up to date on our end has created a new process for me. I now also print photos, write on the back, and put them in the U.S. mailbox. I haven’t done this since college.

Below is the one of the latest that we’re sending to her…a photo of our dog, her new friend, and these awesome new travel dog bowls that we got for them. The nice part is that she can put the photos up around her apartment and see them when she accomplishes tasks around the house. We are hoping Maggie, Millie, and their travel bowls bring a smile to her face in Boston, as they do our ours!

Magpie made a new friend today, Millie. Thank goodness we have enough bowls for them! #focusedonfood #dogslife

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Summer Is Here and The Weather Is Hot

Over the past few weeks, the weather in LA has gotten quite warm.  I know because my husband works in the air-conditioning business and he’s been much busier.  The time has also slipped away from me because my dad was visiting from the east coast and he was taking my dog on walks in the evening while I taught yoga.  When he’s not in town, I take her during the day.  Now, it’s gotten quite warm to take her during our normally scheduled times.

For this reason, I got a new waistband that allows me to carry her water easily on my hips.  I realize it may be made for runners, but I think it will be very useful for the long stretches we often go and there is no place to stop for water.

I’m disappointed that my dad has left and no longer joins me to my yoga classes. Fortunately, he’s planning on coming back soon for another visit.  Both Maggie and I are looking forward to it!

My summer plans…#dogslife #ocean #beachlife #goforitwaistbag #hotsun

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Love My Groomer!

The groomer where we take Maggie is so great.  Not only does she look after our little dog like it’s her own, but she posts on Facebook everyday with photos of all the cute little doggies who come into her shop.  I feel so grateful to have found someone who really cares about the health of dogs everywhere.  If you live near Playa del Rey, I highly recommend WAGZ!

If you don’t live near LA, then I recommend Dancing Pet Best Groomer’s Natural Pet Shampoo. It’s great. It’s so important to use only natural ingredients for our pets’ skin. All the chemicals make the skin dry and have potentially bad reactions. Let’s keep our pets all healthy and happy!

Wishful Thinking When It Comes to Getting Outdoors

With summer approaching, my husband’s schedule gets busy and we have less time to go camping on the weekends. At the same time, I love getting outdoors and really miss our times in nature when we can’t get there. I’ve been thinking very often of our recent trips to Catalina lsland, Palm Springs/Joshua Tree National Park, and Malibu.

Even though we’re not sure when we’ll be going next, I’m still continuing to live like we may go again next weekend. I am looking for good camping products and searching for items that may be on sale.

For example, I got this cool new lantern, below, and we found the perfect sized soap yesterday to fit our camping soap dish. The cashier giggled at us when we so joyfully paid for a $2.00 item. To us, it promises more good times ahead and more than it’s weight in gold!

Here’s hoping some more #camping is in our future! #alylantern #getoutdoors #coupletime #dogslife

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The Intuition of Dogs

Sometimes I dread taking the dog out for a walk.  Sometimes I can’t wait to do it. On good days, we walk for over two hours.  Maggie could go for much more if I let her and very often I do.

I posted recently a video to Instagram on my excitement. I got a great new belt to hold my keys, cell phone, and whatever else we need on our adventure.  I’m realizing that her plan to get me outside for some fresh air is working.  When we come back from our walks, I always feel refreshed, happier, and more optimistic. I always knew that dogs were smarter than humans and have greater intuition. Before I had her, I never went for walks.

Maggie also knows that petting her is good for the soul and nervous system. We’ll be posting videos of those times too since they too are numerous.

Getting just a little excited for my new running/dog-walking belt #lifeatthebeach #respirobelt #dogslife

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Pets and Tea Tree Oil

This week I received a very large bottle of tea tree oil and was excited to use it.  At the same time, I was reminded of the conversation I had with a friend earlier this week when I thought about using it for Maggie.

Her cat received some toxicity from the essential oils my friend puts on her face and neck. The cat must have licked her in a place with too much oil and a few hours later they were at the vet’s office since the cat wasn’t eating.

She and I discussed both essential oils as well as tea tree oil, which one would think would be a great natural way to treat abrasions and minor infections. Unfortunately, it’s not. There are many articles on the subject, but here is a great one:…/what-you-should-know-about-tea-t…

At the same time, tea tree oil is super for humans. I recently posted about using it as a facial cleanser and I love using it with water to disinfect sheets, floors, and furniture.

I recommend always having some in the house, but just keep it away from your cats and dogs!

Rediscovering Wayne Dyer

Maggie and I are headed out on a walk and are planning on listening to Wayne Dyer via an audiobook. I was fortunate to hear him speak last year at the Hay House Conference in Pasadena, Ca.

Despite hearing a lot about him over the years, I had never truly given him much time. He speaks to living our truth, believing in ourselves, and being in the present moment. I looking forward to discovering more about him and his wise words!

I have a new set of Sentley Flow headphones that I’m looking forward to trying out!