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Taking A Scale To Work

This week we received two kitchen scales by mistake.  Instead of gifting one or giving it away, my husband has decided to take it to work and use it to weigh parts and equipment before installing them.  Before I had these scales, I didn’t realize how valuable it is to know the weight of something before you shipped it, installed it, or carried it. It’s been fantastic to now have this info at our fingertips.

I love when I can make his life easier via my work and tasks.  I often blog and evaluate products and in exchange for free products.  I don’t receive any fee for this so I don’t contribute in this way to our monthly expenses, but often I get things that make his life easier.  He has now extra charging cables, a phone holder for his car, and a dozen other things that help him during his workday.  We also get things for Maggie which help reduce our monthly expenses such as dog treats and food.

Initially, I was hesitant to take on responsibilities that wouldn’t directly financially contribute to our monthly expenses. With an MBA and an engineering degree, there is great potential for my income and which I have greatly used in previous stages of my life.

After some months now of being married and functioning in this way, I realize that I these gadgets do help him and more than that, it’s great to have me around.  I also am home every evening to spend time with him and not traveling like I often used to do.

I am also so grateful that we have this time together.  It may not always be this way where we can support ourselves financially with just one income, but for the time being, we are enjoying it.  We love being newlyweds and we also love our new gadgets.

New Gadgets Provide New Motivation

Sometimes we need a new gadget to get us out the door…

New gadget new energy. My motivation to get out with the dog tomorrow for some vitamin D #siliconDevices

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Benefits of Omega-3s

This week my vet recommended that our dog, Maggie, stay on the Omega-3 fish oil supplements that I have been giving her over the last few weeks. I decided to look up the benefits to remind of why he thinks they are so important.  This is what I found on WebMD:

Findings show omega-3 fatty acids may help to:

Sounds good.  I’m all for it! #gloryfeelOmega3

Bright Lights, Small City – A New Camping Experience

A few weekends ago, my husband and I went camping at a state campground near us called Leo Carrillo.  I had heard about it and had seen how difficult it was to get reservations on-line, but I had no idea that I would find a small city of people, tents, and bikes when we arrived.  Normally when we camp, it’s quiet and remote.  This was the opposite.  It was a half a mile from the road and there were tons of people squeezed onto each campsite with music, drinking games, and full kitchens set-up outside.

At first, I was taken aback.  Could this centering and grounding like other camping experiences I’ve had where we get out into nature? Will this be fun? As soon as I saw all the kids riding around on their bikes at night with the glow in the dark wheels, I knew I was hooked.  This was like an amusement park for outdoors people!

What I liked a lot about the atmosphere of Leo Carrillo is the social, friendly, and outgoing nature of it all.  As soon as we pulled in, our neighbors greeted us and welcomed us to the site.  The next day, they asked to meet our dog and were happy to chat for 20 minutes as they prepared breakfast.  When I looked around, I noticed that everyone was friendly.

Because it’s so popular, we were only able to stay one night, but as soon as I got home, I put ourselves on a waitlist for a full weekend later this year.  I can’t wait to go back.  This time I am going to come with my lights for my bike and maybe even a party hat to go with my Patagonia heavy camping fleece.

Stress And The Body

When I was in business school, I became very stressed and my hairline started to recede on the top right portion of my scalp. There was a quarter-sized piece of hair that no longer existed. It was strange and scary.  After seeing a dermatologist, he quickly resolved that the hair would grow back after the semester was over and using shampoo to promote hair growth. He was right, it did.

That next semester, I took one less class on my load, traveled less, and broke up with the boyfriend who was perhaps stressing me out the most. It made me realize that stress effects our body in so many strange ways. When my husband asked me this week if the new shampoo ( we got will help his receding hairline, I told him that products like this helped me a lot when I was in school with this condition…along with the decrease in stress.

As some of you know, I’ve been trying to get pregnant for about five months and it hasn’t yet clicked.  When I visit the acupuncturist, they continue to say they see signs of stress in my body.  My hairline isn’t receding, but my tongue seems to have some Chinese traits that show stress.

This time around, I’m not in school, I’m not traveling, and I’m very happy in my relationship.  At the same time, I probably do still have stress in my life.  I just finished managing a large wedding, I am in a new marriage, and I’m putting pressure on myself to get pregnant asap.

I’m hoping to also resolve this issue with time.  There’s no shampoo to help, but I’m going to go to yoga classes more often, spend time walking with my dog, and doing things that I purely enjoy.  Hopefully, by the end of next semester, we’ll have better news.


Vitamins for Dogs

I looked up some benefits on the administering a ‪#‎probiotic‬ to dogs. Yesterday, Maggie got a vitamin from the vet that included some and I wondered how it could help her. She doesn’t seem to have tummy issues. This is what I found at…/Probiotics-For-Dogs_2047…:

“All dogs can benefit from probiotics, which aid digestion and modulate the immune system. Probiotics produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which inhibit the growth and activity of harmful bacteria, such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Clostridium perfringens, as well as providing other benefits to the intestines.

Human studies have documented the effectiveness of certain strains in treating diarrhea, irritable bowel, and intestinal inflammation (fewer studies have been conducted on dogs).

Probiotics may help prevent urinary tract infections, and can even reduce allergic reactions by decreasing intestinal permeability and controlling inflammation.”

I like it. I am happy to help her in any way I can and makes me think that maybe I should be taking some too!

It’s Only May And It’s Already Hot

This year, Los Angeles has had a funny winter.  We barely had any cool weather and already we’re back up to 90 degrees at the end of April.  I know that I shouldn’t complain when the east coast got covered in snow, but it does feel strange to have barely taken out our Uggs and other winter clothing.

Today I got a collapsible cup in the mail and it couldn’t be better timed.  When I go walking with my dog, she often likes to stop for a drink of water on these hots days. We love walking to the beach and there is rarely any shade often for a mile or so.  I try to sometimes take her walking in the mornings when it isn’t so hot, but this isn’t always possible.

As you may have heard, California is also in a dire way when it comes to water.  We are in a drought and it doesn’t seem to be getting better.  With the continued hot weather, it doesn’t help the situation.

We will see what happens to this state and how it will affect our daily lives.  Until now, we haven’t seen any change in that our water bills have stayed the same and there are few rations/sanctions put into place to conserve.  I can only imagine it will hurt the price of food at some point, but I do hope the farmers find another way to hydrate their land.

Until then, I am grateful for the sunny days that allow Maggie and I to hit the beach.  We enjoy these times so much and even if we already are only wearing t-shirts, we are happy to be together.

It's hot! Grabbing some water in the office #notjustagadget #dogslife

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Short on D – The Latest Epidemic

Over the last year or two, it has become very common for people to be short on vitamin D.  They say we are wearing lots of sunscreen these days, which is great to stop skin cancer, but it’s stopping us also from getting all the vitamins that we need.  If sunscreen is to blame, I am guilty.  I put it on everyday.

Last week, my doctor took a blood test and told me that I needed to come up 25% on my Vitamin D intake.  At first I didn’t believe it because I walk my little dog in the sun everyday.  But, I do wear sunscreen so it could be possible.  Thank goodness that 25% didn’t sound so bad.  She said to take a supplement of 1000 UI each day and I’d be fine. I was fortunate to find some in my vitamin drawer.

As I was looking to refresh that bottle since it would only last me a few more weeks, I found that a cream is now available on the market that allows the skin to absorb the vitamins for you.  I liked this.  It means one less supplement to take and to think about.  When I moisturize, I heal.

I got a pump asap and really like it.  It has a light odor and doesn’t feel heavy at all on the skin.  I’m going to reach that 25% in no time.

Music, Maggie, and Momma! #video

Maggie got a new leash this week and I had so much fun making this video with her. I hope you enjoy it. It’s short and sweet 🙂

Skin-to-Skin Contact

My little dog, Maggie, loves to get pets.  She likes being brushed too, but I think it’s mostly because she’s getting attention. Here’s a video on her reaction when she’s sitting on her mat with her new brush:

Magpie getting brushed. She prefers pets, but this will do #vine #dogslife #furbuddypetbrushkit

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I have a theory that pets know exactly what we need and they do things that are helpful for our lives and psyche. While I wish this went as far as cleaning up the house and putting away the dishes, it extends mostly to our emotional side of life. When I pet Maggie, I believe, she knows it’s calming for me too.

She enjoys the skin-to-skin contact best and that’s probably best for me too. When I pet her, I have to stop, sit down and take life a little slower. I also get to see her joy which reflects back to me and then I am joyful too.

If that is what she’s up to, then I’m all for it!