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The “Thrill” of Amazon

Last week, one of my husband’s colleagues was checking out my latest Amazon acquisition, a fruit-infused water bottle.  The bottle is great because it allows you to put fresh fruit in the center and water all around.  This then allows you to drink flavored water all day.  I was in love with my new delivery.

At the same time, he also commented on the “thrill” of ordering on Amazon. He said his wife gets so excited to click “Add To Cart”.  Just by him mentioning that he needed something, she was quick to order it.  I could totally relate.  There is a certain rush in buying something on this site. It’s easy, it’s typically exactly what you want, and it gets delivered to your door.  It’s awesome.

By writing these blogs and being seen as an Influencer in the current social media world these days, I am fortunate to be clicking “Add To Cart” a few times a week, and most often receiving products for free. I thought that perhaps after some time it would get old.  Until now, it hasn’t.  I am hearing about friends who also love to order things that they may or may not need.

I’m not sure if Amazon will be the downfall of our economy because everyone will be overspending their budgets.  It’s not surprising that Amazon is an American company and it is this country that is known for increasing debt and spending beyond their means.

Until that happens, I am keeping the app on my phone which allows me to more easily order items.  I am just going to keep an eye on the amount that I spend on the site in order to keep it all in balance.

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The Value of Reaching Out

Last night, I saw a guy on a bike in a busy intersection at night and he had a flashing light on both the front and the back of his bike. I thought of how useful this is. At first, I thought that the light didn’t need to flash, but as I thought about it more, I realized that it does. He is so vulnerable on a bike and just a steady light could be a street light, a car, or store sign. The flashing light brings our attention closer to him and helps protect his vulnerability.

Riding a bike brought me back to the days when I lived in a small town in Germany and used a bike as my primary mode of transportation. My bike was so basic and had no lights. Riding a bike was so fun. I would jump on it and scoot into town from my apartment to visit friends. When I would think about my journey, I knew that the bike would get me there so much faster than walking. With this knowledge, I was always much more energetic to make the three mile trek.

It’s been over fifteen years since I lived in Germany, but the friendships I made in that town still last today. I think about how the bike helped me to facilitate and then solidify relationships that I would have never made by sitting in my room alone.

Just last week, I was laughing on Skype with a friend who would meet me four to five nights a week when I arrived with my bike. He is a global leader in Google Analytics these days and who knew that he would go down this path when he would tutor me in German on those evenings.

It was also on those evenings that I talked to him about the U.S. and introduced volunteer programs to him in Boston where the following year he would go to work on his English. He certainly wouldn’t be a leader in an American technology if it wasn’t for that bike and our friendship.

I think of these times today when I sometimes find myself staying at home and not reaching out to friends or “getting on my bike”. So much of my life has come from relationships that I’ve built with people over a conversation. With these thoughts, I look forward to again meeting people in town and seeing what comes of it.