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Foot Soak!

I typically don’t have feet issues like fungus, bunions, or athlete’s foot, but who doesn’t love a luxurious foot soak? Recently, I got some natural salts to add to warm water that helps to refresh and clean the feet. It has tea tree oil and smells delicious. It also tingles slightly when I put my feet in the mixture.

Here in L.A., we are often in our cars more than we are on our feet, but I still like to soak my toes at the end of the day. There is something about letting the feet relax that brings relaxation to spread throughout the whole body. I highly recommend this soak as a nightly activity on your agenda!

Benefits Of Dandelion

Over the past few years, dandelion has become very popular as source for improving healthy.  I see it in the grocery store in the vegetable aisle for making salads and I also have it in my tea cabinet.  I looked up the full list of benefits and this is what I found. According to the How To Herb Book Dandelion is:

  • One of the best blood purifiers and builders available.
  • High in vitamins and minerals, especially calcium.
  • Contains all the nutritive salts for the blood. Dandelion restores and balances the blood so anemia that is caused by deficiencies of these blood salts disappears.
  • The herb for low blood pressure, helps build energy and endurance.
  • Overweight people when losing weight can become over acidic. These acids in the blood are destroyed by dandelion.
  • One of the best liver cleansers. It increases the activity of the liver and the flow of bile into the intestines.
  • It is fantastic for use in hepatitis.
  • Increases activity of the pancreas and the spleen.
  • Good for the female organs.
  • Helps open urinary passages.
  • Used to treat skin diseases.

Here’s to getting on our dandelion besides just blowing the seeds around for wishes!

Easy Homemade Beauty Products

As many of you know, I make my own homemade sunscreen because I like to exclude the chemicals that are often in store-bought products. For many people, the process can be intimidating. It has a little bit of a learning curve to ensure you’re melting the beeswax easily, adding the correct amount of coconut oil, and finding the right container to do it all in.

For some of my friends, they prefer to just use a moisturizer that they like and add zinc oxide which creates the SPF. I recently got a tea tree oil product that has minimal ingredients and I’m going to go this route for this batch since it is so simple and easy.

Although store-bought sunscreen may have its place when we are looking for something to hold its consistency or be an exact amount of SPF, but for me and my summer, I’m happy with my tea tree oil, zinc oxide, and chemical experiments in the kitchen.

About to make my next batch of homemade sunscreen! #keevateatreeoil #zincoxide #health #sunlover

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Snacks on Sunday Including Vitamin C

Maggie and I are having a snack today. I made homemade apple crisp, homemade frozen yogurt, and even bought new ramekin dishes to serve it in. This is Sunday afternoon at our house…great liquid Vitamin C included for top notch immunity!

Cooking Classes

I have been taking cooking classes this week and much to my suprise, they have been very fun.  The chefs introduce us to traditional techniques as well as the latest trends in cooking supplies. I created a video here of my experience which includes some of the dishes from the following classes:

-Summer Small Plates

-Italian Specialities

-Middle Eastern Cuisine

One of my favorite new tools is the silicon baking mat.  It stops me from having to use foil, parchment paper, and/or get my baking sheet extremely greasy.  It’s fantastic.

I’ve been taking classes at both Sur Le Table and The Gourmandaise School.  Both are excellent and for different reasons….Sur Le Table provides delicious meals and Nespresso coffee in under two hours.  Gourmandaise is more hands on, includes more actually teaching, and allows each person to cook their own meal from start to finish.  I’ve been trying both due to their schedule and how interesting the classes sound.

If you are thinking of taking a class, I’d highly recommend it!

The Latest Health Trend in Coffee and Tea

Recently, I have seen one of my role models, The 4-Hour Body author Tim Ferriss, create a video on how to prepare “Bulletproof Tea”. It’s a take-off on the Bulletproof coffee recipe that came out about a year ago.

The idea is to add “good fats” to help sustain the burn of the caffeine. I like the idea and combined with the fact that my accupuncturist recommends I increase my good fat content, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I agree with Tim that the caffeine rush is not as severe and the energy is more prolonged.

Here I am trying it out with my morning ritual with some Palmtree Coconut Oil:

New Measuring Spoons for Everyone!

This week, I sent a new set of measuring spoons to my sister-in-law.  We had ordered a set for ourselves and thought they were great.  Supposedly, she was missing this in her kitchen and so I had Amazon send her a “Christmas stocking stuffer in June”.

When they arrived, she told us that she already had a set, but that it’s always useful to have an extra set for when they are baking or cooking a lot of things.  I loved that idea!  What great efficiency to not have to clean and/or search the kitchen for a critical item when you need it.

Thus, we all now have new sets and are looking forward to another six months of cooking before the big holiday season comes along!

The Benefits of Turmeric

A girlfriend and I are both trying to add turmeric to our meals due to a similar recommendation from our unique acupuncturists. We are both 40 and trying to keep our fertility alive and healthy. I decided to look up the benefits of turmeric after getting a bottle of the supplement ( since I just wasn’t able to add it to enough recipes. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Weil’s website:

Alzheimer’s disease: Duke found more than 50 studies on turmeric’s effects in addressing Alzheimer’s disease. The reports indicate that extracts of turmeric contain a number of natural agents that block the formation of beta-amyloid, the substance responsible for the plaques that slowly obstruct cerebral function in Alzheimer’s disease.

Arthritis: Turmeric contains more than two dozen anti-inflammatory compounds, including sixdifferent COX-2-inhibitors (the COX-2 enzyme promotes pain, swelling and inflammation; inhibitors selectively block that enzyme). By itself, writes Duke, curcumin – the component in turmeric most often cited for its healthful effects – is a multifaceted anti-inflammatory agent, and studies of the efficacy of curcumin have demonstrated positive changes in arthritic symptoms.
Cancer: Duke found more than 200 citations for turmeric and cancer and more than 700 for curcumin and cancer. He noted that in the handbook Phytochemicals: Mechanisms of Action, curcumin and/or turmeric were effective in animal models in prevention and/or treatment of colon cancer, mammary cancer, prostate cancer, murine hepatocarcinogenesis (liver cancer in rats), esophageal cancer, and oral cancer. Duke said that the effectiveness of the herb against these cancers compared favorably with that reported for pharmaceuticals.

Sounds good to me!

Pets and Tea Tree Oil

This week I received a very large bottle of tea tree oil and was excited to use it.  At the same time, I was reminded of the conversation I had with a friend earlier this week when I thought about using it for Maggie.

Her cat received some toxicity from the essential oils my friend puts on her face and neck. The cat must have licked her in a place with too much oil and a few hours later they were at the vet’s office since the cat wasn’t eating.

She and I discussed both essential oils as well as tea tree oil, which one would think would be a great natural way to treat abrasions and minor infections. Unfortunately, it’s not. There are many articles on the subject, but here is a great one:…/what-you-should-know-about-tea-t…

At the same time, tea tree oil is super for humans. I recently posted about using it as a facial cleanser and I love using it with water to disinfect sheets, floors, and furniture.

I recommend always having some in the house, but just keep it away from your cats and dogs!

Facial Cleanser…The Oil Method Way

Did you know that there is a school of thought around oil-based facial cleansers? Here is some information about it:

My girlfriend has used it for years and she loves it. My husband is developing some acne on his arms so I think this will be a great remedy to also help keep them moisturized. I look forward to giving it a go and using this great exfoliating sponge! I followed this recipe:…/homemade-tea-tree-oil-facial…/

About to make my next #homemade #all-natural product creation…Facial cleanser #wonderpiel

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