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Creating A Little Fun

Sometimes, it’s fun to just change things up and provide humor to our day. I have been reading a lot recently on the benefits of humor, how it gives us a break from our day-to-day, and is a thoroughly-researched technique to communicate messages. Malcolm Gladwell also spoke to it recently when he said that it is very difficult to make people cry with a message, but not so difficult to make them laugh. With these thoughts, I decided to include some of my wit from my everyday task of opening up packages. Here is my recent post from Instagram:

Sports Do Not Build Character, They Reveal It

A little motivation for today…”Sports do not build character, they reveal it” #thankyoucards #sports #health #character

Posted by Ingrid Wellness on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Changes and Challenges

I found some baby elephants on my laptop today.  Actually, I put them there last night.  I got a vinyl decal that makes my laptop original when it’s sitting amongst a sea of other Macbooks in a classroom, coffee shop, or at the Apple Genius Bar.

This week I decided to accept a scholarship and assistantship to attend Pepperdine University here in Los Angeles for my Masters in Strategic Communications.  This is a degree that I have always had interest in since undergrad, but never prioritized to truly study past a few classes.  I feel fortunate to have been selected for the small incoming class of Fall 2015 of twelve or so students.

As I prepare to enter this next stage of my life, I am looking around at my hopes, dreams, and realities.  I have been reading books of authors that are well known to look closer at their writing techniques, I have been reflecting on my education thus far and all that I am grateful for until now, and I have been getting my school supplies together like this vinyl decal.  In a room full of Macbooks, I want to be sure that no one mistakes theirs for mine and/or vice versa.

Altering paths is often a scary and intimidating thing.  I have thought hard about how my schedule and my life in general will be altered.  At the same time, I am excited for this new path and the opportunities it allows. Next summer, I will be completing an internship and in full swing of this new career.  It’s a world that I always admired, but never thought I would truly step into.

Here’s to new changes, challenges, and jumping into worlds unknown!

I found some baby elephants on my laptop today #unique #vati #socute #animals

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Learning About New Worlds Via Books

This week, I listened to the audiobook The Boys In The Boat which is about the eight men from Seattle who won the Olympic gold in Berlin in 1936.  It was a long and hard road to get there, but they did it and survived to tell the tale.  I learned so much about pre-war Germany, the Depression, and about training for the Olympics.  It opened me up to a world I didn’t know much about and it encouraged me to also find my “inner athlete”.

I often like to listen to books while I walk my little dog and we are fortunate to have places nearby to go where I can concentrate less on the environment around us.  I can truly tune into the story and take home with me lessons, history, and new knowledge.

This week I got a new waistband/belt that holds my cellphone and car keys.  I love it because I can easily pull out my phone and rewind the audio books to chapters or sections that I may have missed or that I would like to hear again. (  I will never forget the portrayal of Hitler as he created his propaganda movies or the blood, sweat, and tears that the boys needed to accomplish their goal.

I feel fortunate to have this time, my dog, and the accessories to allow me to learn…even after being out of school for many years.  


It’s Not Where You Go, But Who You Travel With

This week I was running late to teach my yoga class, but it wasn’t completely my fault.  I had left on time, but there was tons of traffic.  These days I depend on my Waze App and new magnetic phone holder to help find me the best route and it is usually right on target.  Unfortunately, the app took me through some very congested areas and I was a few minutes late.  Rush hour in LA isn’t fun and I guess I discovered this the hard way once again.

I really didn’t want to be late because I love this class.  It’s a small one, but the ladies are just lovely.  It’s in a senior community center and since it’s small, we have an opportunity to chat and while we do our exercises.  Because it is so small, I also have thought many times about discontinuing my teaching there since it’s barely worth my time, gas, and effort to get there.

This week I decided that I would for sure keep the class because I so much enjoy catching up with these women and stretching with them.  When I leave, I too feel less stressed, joyful, and ready to take on the world.  We speak about health, our bodies, our husbands, and just life in general.

It reminds me of that saying “It’s Not Where You Go, But Who You Travel With”.  The time, gas, and effort to teach this class is by far exceeding by the value I get from leading it.

Next time, I’ll be sure to leave earlier.

Feminine Gifts

This week I have a friend going through a tough time. She found out a few days ago that she’s having a miscarriage and is now trying to recuperate both physically and emotionally. After having gone through my own miscarriage last year, I know how deeply devastating this can be. During the first few days, you are not only exhausted from the pregnancy hormones, but so disappointed about the loss. As mentioned, it’s been a year, but I still get pangs of emotional sadness at times.

I’m hoping to see my friend over the next few weeks and I have been thinking hard about something that I could bring her to cheer her up and also be feminine. Because this process is exclusively for women, I’d like to bring her something that helps support her female side. Flowers are certainly one alternative, but I’d like to bring something that is longer lasting.

Today, I thought of bringing her some argan oil and I’m looking forward to putting it in some pretty wrapping paper. Argan oil is great as a basic face moisturizer, but it’s also great as a base for mixing essential oils. Before the miscarriage, my friend had recently re-discovered essential oils and was having fun mixing them for both herself and her two-year-old.

I’m hoping this gift will bring her back to those playful days and also encourage her to use those oils again for healing. Although I have never been an active advocate of “girl power” when things like this happen where only women can empathize, I feel it’s nice to tune into our feminine side. For me, it was healing and nourishing. Finally, after one year, I am interested again in starting a family.

Making A Good Impression For Things We Value

Very often, I find myself walking out of the house without brushing my hair. My hairdresser told me last year that brushing your hair everyday wasn’t recommended. Not brushing helps to prevent split ends and “wear and tear”. I took this as an excuse to go with the messy look and I often put it up in a clip. Most people would never notice. Or at least I hope.

Very often, I find myself walking into professional environments and feel the need to groom myself a little better. I keep a hairbrush in my purse for this reason and very often find myself grabbing it on the way into the building from the parking garage where I teach yoga. I teach 2-3 times a week for the employees of the company who create PomWonderful, Fiji Water, and a variety of other brands. If I look back on the last year, I have brushed my hair more often in their lobby than in my own bathroom.

This week, I got a new brush that has a hot pink handle and seems to have the latest technology in detangling. I love it because I can easily find it in my purse and despite my efforts to think more often of brushing it before I leave the house, it just hasn’t happened.

I love my job at Roll Global and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The people are nice, the class level fits very well with my style of teaching, and I’m doing something that I love. I feel very blessed to have found this role and I am proud to lead their yoga program.

Thus, I’m going to make sure I look most presentable when I enter that building each time. I can’t promise that I’ll brush my hair before I leave the house, but I will most often get to it before I get there.

Mobile office… Car keys and hair brush. I most often only brush my hair right before meetings #Shsh #lastminute #oldhabits

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Beauty in A Sonnet

I was never very good in English during my studies in high school.  I always struggled to find the deeper meaning behind stories by Shakespeare or other famous authors.  I much preferred my math and science classes where the answers were black or white.

Last week, I received a beautiful poster of famous English sonnets and I love it.  Although I still have a hard time figuring out exactly the meaning of each one, I think them very romantic and peaceful.  I hung the poster right outside our bedroom to usher in feelings of love, romance, and togetherness.  I’ve studied some Feng Shui and I believe this falls in line with their teachings.

A friend of mine also likes poetry and I’m going to quote one here he shared by e.e. cummings.  It makes me stop and reflect, just like the poster.  I now know why people support the arts because they bring a special type of quiet gift to our everyday lives.

Love is more thicker than forget

more thinner than recall

more seldom than a wave is wet

more frequent to fail

it is most mad and moonly

and less it shall unbe

than all the sea which only

is deeper than the sea

love is less always than to win

less never than alive

less bigger than the least begin

less littler than forgive

it is most sane and sunly

and more it cannot die

that all the sky which only
is higher than the sky
-e.e. cummings

My Internal Debate Over Greeting Cards

Growing up, my parents were very divided about the importance of greeting cards.  My mom always insisted on writing them and receiving them.  My dad, on the other hand, thought that they were a waste of money.

Thus, as I grew up, I was always torn about which route to go.  Should I get one? Who is it for? Is it worth the $3.95?

When e-cards came out, I loved it.  It was an inexpensive route to obtain the goal of writing a heartfelt message.  Fantastic. Until that grew old and felt impersonal…

This week I got a software to create hard copy cards from my computer, Greeting Card Builder.  It combines both worlds. I can be creative, cheap, and heartfelt! I can add pictures and make my words look professional.


Inspiration Everywhere You Look

This week I got some wall hangings that I think are just the coolest. They say “You got this” and “Good vibes only”.  They also include pretty pictures. I’m going to bring them to the yoga studio where I teach and put them up on the wall.  I think it will be great to see them when we walk into the room and get on our mat.

These inspirational posters have become very popular over the last twenty years and I think it’s a good thing.  People need some uplifting when they walk into a yoga studio, a conference room, or a private office.  It reminds us to be our best selves and think positively.

Fortunately, the hangings that I received are modern and chic.  Some of the posters from when the trend began in the late 1980’s are starting to look dated, but I appreciate their message.  It may be time to update them, but it’s great that they are still hanging nonetheless.

The next time you see one of these inspirational messages perhaps it’s an opportunity to see what it’s saying to you, despite it’s sometimes dated appearance.  Often we walk right past them, but their job is to be there for us.