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Matchy Matchy

Laura Ashley outfits

There is nothing that says love to me like wedding bands, matching outfits, and two-person gadgets in the car.  For some reason, I love being able to charge my cell phone at the same time as my husband in his car and having a space for his sunglasses in mine.  I wrote a blog about this a few weeks ago, and the idea continues.

Perhaps it stems from my continuous admiration for parent-child matching outfits from my days working at Laura Ashley.  Or perhaps it’s just a sappy way that women communicate companionship.  Whatever the case, I am so excited to have these small gadgets in our cars that in my mind say “I do” every single day.

Attending More Baby Showers At 40 Than Ever

I find it interesting that I am getting invited to more baby showers these days than I ever have before in my life. I just turned 40. It is possible that people are having children later in life or that perhaps the next generation is already having children. I think it is a combination of both.

One of my friends had hers a few months ago, but the next two are the children of my husband’s generation.  He’s a bit older than me and these families had children early.  I guess one could say I’m in the middle of two generations of child-bearing at the moment.

I am excited to give the daughter of my husband’s friend this baby seat cover. It’s so cute and I think will be very useful.  Since I wasn’t around much for the births of my good girlfriends due to my travel schedule, I’m happy to be partaking in this passage of life now.  Bring on the baby shower games and get-togethers!

A Small Change Created A Big Change

When I first had the idea of getting a dog, I had no idea how my life would change so much. This week, as I put an organizer on the backseat of my passenger seat in the car, I realized that my life is no longer the same.

Maggie now not only has a definitive place in the car for her “things”, but she has a permanent stamp on my life. Her leash, bowl, and snacks all are organized in special pockets so that I can easily grab them when we are on the run. I got this organizer because I was tired of fishing around the backseat when I needed something. Initially, I thought that I would rarely reach for these items, but after many frustrated moments, I decided my time without an organizer had come to an end. In my mind, these were for mothers and hoarders, but alas I had become a doggie mother and I could no longer deny it.

I also have changed my lifestyle in that I no longer travel as much and I choose projects based on how much time I can spend at home and/or take her with me. Although she is fine staying at home for hours by herself, I don’t like to leave her. She is much happier when either we are home with her or she can come with us. If I have an option, I always choose to take her with me. Good bye are the days of jetting off to Europe at a moment’s notice or being out all day in town. To be more grounded was a big part of why I got her, but I didn’t think she would go with me everywhere I go.

If I think back to when I decided to adopt Maggie over three years ago, I had no idea how my life would change. It’s certainly different and it’s certainly better. Despite now having an organizer in my car and seeing the airport less, it’s improved. Seeing her face everyday and sharing this joy with my husband, who also doesn’t travel much, is worth it’s weight in gold.

Maggie has her own filing system in my car… Dog bowl, leash, treats. #dogslife #letsgo #heretoserve

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The Latest Health Trend in Coffee and Tea

Recently, I have seen one of my role models, The 4-Hour Body author Tim Ferriss, create a video on how to prepare “Bulletproof Tea”. It’s a take-off on the Bulletproof coffee recipe that came out about a year ago.

The idea is to add “good fats” to help sustain the burn of the caffeine. I like the idea and combined with the fact that my accupuncturist recommends I increase my good fat content, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I agree with Tim that the caffeine rush is not as severe and the energy is more prolonged.

Here I am trying it out with my morning ritual with some Palmtree Coconut Oil:

The Importance of Keeping Things Clean

Over the past few weeks, my dad and I have been touring potential apartments for him to buy and move to California.  He is narrowing down his choices and we thinking that we’re close to finalizing a deal.

We’ve seen about 30 units in about 10 days and we can say easily that the units where the furniture is orderly, the windows are clean, and the clutter is minimal are the best ones.  The ones with neglect were more easily crossed off our list.

It makes me realize how important it is to keep our homes clean.  I just got some cool new glass cleaner and after our tour of homes, I am inspired to ensure all our surfaces are glistening.  My husband and I are not looking to sell our home for a long time, but I want to make sure we live in a model home despite that.  Just like looking at units, we are happier when the home surroundings are more beautiful.

Getting Our Camping Gear Together

My husband and I spent a good portion of the year preparing our camping gear.  We visit outdoor shops like REI about once a month and review items that we think could add to our outdoor experience.  For months, he’s been wanting to get a manual coffee grinder so his beans can stay whole until the last minute.

This week, he got his wish and he LOVES it.  He said it’s great quality and he can’t wait to use it.  It’s so exciting to get a product that we love and are sure to enjoy.  It makes us even more excited to go camping and that makes me happy.

Our time out in the woods is grounding for us as individuals and as a couple.  I find we connect better when there are less distractions around us and it allows us to more easily come back to our basic values.  Thus, whatever we can do to encourage us to go camping more often is a good thing.  With our new grinder, we’re one step closer.

Which Vegetables Are High In Folic Acid?

Although a goofy video, it’s from the March of Dimes and illustrates which foods are high in folic acid. For women who are looking to get pregnant, it’s important to get enough. My OB doesn’t recommend much, but folic acid he can’t seem to stress enough.

And take your ‪#‎prenatalvitamins‬!

Long Weekends & Relaxing

Just getting to my morning tea...

Just getting to my morning tea… That’s what long weekends are for #sleepin #totaltea

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Taking A Scale To Work

This week we received two kitchen scales by mistake.  Instead of gifting one or giving it away, my husband has decided to take it to work and use it to weigh parts and equipment before installing them.  Before I had these scales, I didn’t realize how valuable it is to know the weight of something before you shipped it, installed it, or carried it. It’s been fantastic to now have this info at our fingertips.

I love when I can make his life easier via my work and tasks.  I often blog and evaluate products and in exchange for free products.  I don’t receive any fee for this so I don’t contribute in this way to our monthly expenses, but often I get things that make his life easier.  He has now extra charging cables, a phone holder for his car, and a dozen other things that help him during his workday.  We also get things for Maggie which help reduce our monthly expenses such as dog treats and food.

Initially, I was hesitant to take on responsibilities that wouldn’t directly financially contribute to our monthly expenses. With an MBA and an engineering degree, there is great potential for my income and which I have greatly used in previous stages of my life.

After some months now of being married and functioning in this way, I realize that I these gadgets do help him and more than that, it’s great to have me around.  I also am home every evening to spend time with him and not traveling like I often used to do.

I am also so grateful that we have this time together.  It may not always be this way where we can support ourselves financially with just one income, but for the time being, we are enjoying it.  We love being newlyweds and we also love our new gadgets.

Small Surprises In A Marriage

My husband LOVES his new charging cable that advertises itself as “lighting fast”.  There isn’t often a time when I surprise him with a new gadget that he wasn’t aware of beforehand.  He runs a business that prides itself on knowing all the latest technologies in home appliances and systems.  When I came home with this strange looking cable, we weren’t sure initially how to use it.

Then, when we plugged it in and his phone was charged in half the time, he was sold.  I love the idea that I can still often surprise him in small ways.  It’s not often, but it’s cool when it happens!