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Paracord…The Secret Tool to Getaway Weekends

Last weekend we went camping for my 40th birthday and it was fantastic. We took a ferry to Catalina Island, hiked about .25 miles, and spent a lazy weekend in nature.  My husband is very handy and is a great outdoors partner because he always knows the best tools.  Over the weekend, he put up a tarp over our tent to protect us from the sun with just a few feet of paracord.  He said it’s the key item when camping, working outside, or preparing for emergencies such as earthquakes.

When we were taking the ferry back home with all the other experienced campers and backpackers, I saw a guy with a great paracord bracelet.  I thought that my husband must be right and in the know.  Paracord saved us from the heat and may even save our life one day.  Here’s a photo of our awesome tent!


Traditions on Giving Gifts

Last week, we gave our nephew a set of wireless bluetooth headphones for his birthday.  He’s 32 and recently back into biking, as well as running with his new wife.  He also lives in San Francisco so he’s often into the latest gadgets and technologies.

After they arrived, he sent us note to say that he LOVES them and it’s exactly what he was thinking about buying himself recently.  I was so excited.  I really enjoy his company and to find something that he wanted made me so happy.

My husband loves to buy gifts for people and it’s often been a point of contention since I grew up in a household where we received lots of things, but it was rarely a surprise gift.  We got new shoes for Christmas to replace ones that were getting old in our closet, we got a new car for our senior year of college, and we got our educations paid for (both undergraduate and graduate).  My dad always said to save up for these big things.

When our nephew called with such glee, I could see how my husband enjoys being the giver of such pleasure.  It’s fantastic. I’m not saying that one is better than the other, but it was fun to see his excitement.  He loves his new gadget and I’m so glad we could give it to him.

So Many Gadgets

How do you know if you have too many gadgets? Recently, we’ve received so many little things that are so useful, but then eventually don’t become useful or we realize they were never useful in the first place.  For example, we have a great four#PortUSBWallCharge in the bedroom now, but only two things that ever get charged there.  Did we really need it in the first place?

We have also been doing some spring cleaning recently so I am in the mode of getting rid of anything that we no longer use.

At this stage, I am going to keep the four charger device since it’s serving a purpose and it’s a very good quality one.  At the same time, I am going to start being skeptical on what comes into the house.  Clutter is not recommended by the ancient Chinese Feng Shui experts although their descendents now create so many products that can create it.

My husband is an electronics geek. Is this possible? #portusbwallcharge sandwich

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Wedding Bands And Who Wears Them

I am very fortunate that my husband enjoys wearing his wedding band. I know that many men prefer to not wear rings and thus it’s common that they decide to leave their bands at home except for special occasions.  At our wedding his mom kept saying “I’ve waited 52 years for this day!”.  I think that is perhaps the same reason he wears it.  He waited a long time to get married and to have the privilege of wearing a band. For men who don’t wear bands, there are many reasons.  This is just the reason that he wears his.

Last week, I got him a “spare” in the chance that his gold band may be difficult to wear when lifting heavy machinery or doing something active.  He had complained once that it cut him and that he’s forming a calous below the band, but he still continued to wear it.  I got him a version that’s made out of silicone and he loves it.  He loves knowing that if he’s going to be doing something difficult with his hands one day, he has an option.  Again, I am grateful that wearing his band is something that he highly prioritizes because it’s mine too.

This idea made me also think a lot about how women my age will often leave their engagement rings at home and wear their bands only on a daily basis.  It made me stop when I went to get a custom band to match my engagement ring before the wedding.  If I were to join that “band-only” club, it may look funny to have a curved band rather than one that goes straight across.

I took votes from my girlfriends and then looked at my ring.  The stone wasn’t so highly elevated that it would get caught often and I too had waited a long time to get it  (39 years).  I decided to continue wearing the engagement ring after we were married and I’m very happy about it.  I don’t judge those who wear only the band or those who don’t wear anything at all, but for my husband and I, we are very excited to have them.

Stress And The Body

When I was in business school, I became very stressed and my hairline started to recede on the top right portion of my scalp. There was a quarter-sized piece of hair that no longer existed. It was strange and scary.  After seeing a dermatologist, he quickly resolved that the hair would grow back after the semester was over and using shampoo to promote hair growth. He was right, it did.

That next semester, I took one less class on my load, traveled less, and broke up with the boyfriend who was perhaps stressing me out the most. It made me realize that stress effects our body in so many strange ways. When my husband asked me this week if the new shampoo ( we got will help his receding hairline, I told him that products like this helped me a lot when I was in school with this condition…along with the decrease in stress.

As some of you know, I’ve been trying to get pregnant for about five months and it hasn’t yet clicked.  When I visit the acupuncturist, they continue to say they see signs of stress in my body.  My hairline isn’t receding, but my tongue seems to have some Chinese traits that show stress.

This time around, I’m not in school, I’m not traveling, and I’m very happy in my relationship.  At the same time, I probably do still have stress in my life.  I just finished managing a large wedding, I am in a new marriage, and I’m putting pressure on myself to get pregnant asap.

I’m hoping to also resolve this issue with time.  There’s no shampoo to help, but I’m going to go to yoga classes more often, spend time walking with my dog, and doing things that I purely enjoy.  Hopefully, by the end of next semester, we’ll have better news.