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First Aid Kits Must Haves

Last weekend, a good friend of my husbands came by to borrow some camping and first aid gear. He is taking his family into the outdoors for a few days next weekend and they want to be prepared. My husband is known amongst his friends as the go-to guy for these types of items and we were happy to lend things that could be useful.

Just recently, my husband was preparing a list of must-haves for a first aid kit and I was happy to contribute by getting him a Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. He didn’t have one yet, but said it could be useful. My dad had just gotten one for his house a few years back and I too have had my blood pressure taken at doctor’s visits quite often recently.

I decided to look up what blood pressure indicates and found an insightful article: It talks about hypertension and also about prescribing medicine based one’s reading. My husband and I also just completed our earthquake preparedness course and I often saw EMT staff measuring blood pressure during video demonstrations of emergency situations. For this reason, I’m glad we now have our own monitor.

Wishful Thinking When It Comes to Getting Outdoors

With summer approaching, my husband’s schedule gets busy and we have less time to go camping on the weekends. At the same time, I love getting outdoors and really miss our times in nature when we can’t get there. I’ve been thinking very often of our recent trips to Catalina lsland, Palm Springs/Joshua Tree National Park, and Malibu.

Even though we’re not sure when we’ll be going next, I’m still continuing to live like we may go again next weekend. I am looking for good camping products and searching for items that may be on sale.

For example, I got this cool new lantern, below, and we found the perfect sized soap yesterday to fit our camping soap dish. The cashier giggled at us when we so joyfully paid for a $2.00 item. To us, it promises more good times ahead and more than it’s weight in gold!

Here’s hoping some more #camping is in our future! #alylantern #getoutdoors #coupletime #dogslife

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Earthquake Training

In our neighborhood, the Los Angeles Fire Department created six-week classes to help citizens become more aware about what to do in the case of an earthquake or other emergency. For the past six Wednesday evenings, my husband and I got to know some more of our neighbors and learned a lot about emergency preparedness. We learned about how to find a local pay phone in the chance that cell service doesn’t work, we learned to make a sling for a broken arm, and we learned to put out a fire with an extinguisher among many other things.

At the end of our training, we got these backpacks with a flashlight, a hard hat, and 10+ other tools. I’m supplementing mine with an LED flashlight that gets power from the sun. It is great to have in the car and not have to worry about running out of battery power.

All these things go into being prepared. I’m glad we took the course and made new friends, but I’m also hoping I never have to lean on the LAFD. I’m hoping the emergency never comes.

Finished our earthquake training last night! #newfriends #LAFD #hopeweneverhavetocallthem #aylflashlight

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Making Calls During An Emergency

Here is a an Emergency Tip:

Did you know that gas stations often still have pay phones and this will be the easiest way to make a call during an emergency such as an earthquake? Know where your nearest working pay phone sits and always have quarters on hand.

You can use your mobile device to find the nearest pay phone as using gas is also recommended to be limited. It’s unsure if electricity or gas lines will also be interrupted.

Small Surprises In A Marriage

My husband LOVES his new charging cable that advertises itself as “lighting fast”.  There isn’t often a time when I surprise him with a new gadget that he wasn’t aware of beforehand.  He runs a business that prides itself on knowing all the latest technologies in home appliances and systems.  When I came home with this strange looking cable, we weren’t sure initially how to use it.

Then, when we plugged it in and his phone was charged in half the time, he was sold.  I love the idea that I can still often surprise him in small ways.  It’s not often, but it’s cool when it happens!

Software Makes Our Lives Easier

I discovered a new technology this week that I feel really makes me life so much easier. I believe it’s been around for a few years, but it was the first time that I paid and printed my own packing labels at home without the need for the post office.  After spending so many quality hours with my local postal worker last fall during the wedding-prep phase, I am happy to no longer need their time or service. I am self-sufficient!

I logged onto and immediately there is a place to create your own shipping labels.  I entered the weight and within a few clicks, I was checked out and taping my label to my box.  Fortunately, I have a fantastic kitchen scale at home too that helps me figure out an accurate weight.

I love when these old rituals, such as visiting the post office, enter the 21st century.  There is a way to make our lives easier and technology does that.  During my 15+ year tenure in the software industry, I was always proud to be able to bring products to people that helped streamlined their lives and their businesses.  I am now so glad to be a customer of this advancement and am very supportive of the USPS in making these strides.

Paracord…The Secret Tool to Getaway Weekends

Last weekend we went camping for my 40th birthday and it was fantastic. We took a ferry to Catalina Island, hiked about .25 miles, and spent a lazy weekend in nature.  My husband is very handy and is a great outdoors partner because he always knows the best tools.  Over the weekend, he put up a tarp over our tent to protect us from the sun with just a few feet of paracord.  He said it’s the key item when camping, working outside, or preparing for emergencies such as earthquakes.

When we were taking the ferry back home with all the other experienced campers and backpackers, I saw a guy with a great paracord bracelet.  I thought that my husband must be right and in the know.  Paracord saved us from the heat and may even save our life one day.  Here’s a photo of our awesome tent!


So Many Gadgets

How do you know if you have too many gadgets? Recently, we’ve received so many little things that are so useful, but then eventually don’t become useful or we realize they were never useful in the first place.  For example, we have a great four#PortUSBWallCharge in the bedroom now, but only two things that ever get charged there.  Did we really need it in the first place?

We have also been doing some spring cleaning recently so I am in the mode of getting rid of anything that we no longer use.

At this stage, I am going to keep the four charger device since it’s serving a purpose and it’s a very good quality one.  At the same time, I am going to start being skeptical on what comes into the house.  Clutter is not recommended by the ancient Chinese Feng Shui experts although their descendents now create so many products that can create it.

My husband is an electronics geek. Is this possible? #portusbwallcharge sandwich

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Obsessed With Getting Outdoors

For the past few months, I have gotten obsessed with camping and getting outdoors on the weekends.  My husband is busy with work during the summer and winter months which only leaves us a few weekends in the spring and fall to get out of town.  Thus,  I started planning and booking weekends for every weekend I could, as I do like to travel.

This year, I have fallen in love again with our home state of California and have booked every campground within a 2-hour drive.  We drive out Thursday afternoon and come home on Sunday.  Sometimes we do car camping and sometimes we do some backpacking.

It has been AWESOME for our psyche, spirit, and health to spend all these hours outside.  Every time we come home, I feel refreshed, healthy, and peaceful.  Getting into nature seems to somehow calm the soul and allow us to get back to our roots.  We check in with our priorities, we communicate on a variety of different topics, and we make decisions that often seem unclear when we leave town on Thursday.

Since we’ve gotten so much enjoyment out of these trips, we spend a good portion of our week preparing goods and food for the weekend.  Whenever we get something new, we very often say “this would be great for camping!”.  We get excited and either put it with our camping things or on a list of things to take.  One of our latest gadgets are foldable water bottles that are made out of silicone, for example.  They are light, BPA-free, and look cool.

It’s with these thoughts that I say bon voyage and see you around the campfire!

Rechargeable vs. Non-Rechargeable Batteries

My husband swears by rechargeable batteries.  If the world was perfect, we’d have only rechargeable batteries in our house.  Until now, rechargeable batteries have been too expensive to stock all of our devices, but we’re slowly moving toward a full inventory.  He claims that they are more cost-efficient in the long run.  I have yet to do a cost analysis, but seeing that he uses batteries much more often than I do for all of his tools, I’m going to take his word for it.

If you didn’t think having rechargable batteries was enough, my husband is a large proponent of preparing for emergency situations such as an earthquake or riot.  I guess having enough flashlights goes along with having enough power to keep them active.  It probably goes without saying that we plan on being equipped if such a day of disaster comes our way.