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Getting Away for 48 Hours

Last weekend, my husband and I went camping for two nights in the Los Padres Mountains outside of Ojai, California. Some campsites get cell phone reception where we go, but this one didn’t.

At first, we were scrambling. Did we send out all the emails we needed to before we entered the site? What would we do if someone needed to get in touch with us during the time that we were there? Soon we entered into our camp routine, but honestly, I was often thinking about what messages I may be missing while we were away.

When we returned to civilizations on Sunday afternoon I had two realizations. First, there was nothing that I was missing while we were away. No important emails came in and the people who need me most on a daily basis were with me the whole time, my husband and my dog.

Second, the break from technology gave my husband and I a chance to speak about topics that probably would have never come up if we had had the distraction of everyday life. Not only were our minds relaxed and we could think more easily of creatives topics, but by needing to come up with more topics of conversation, we dug deeper into ones we had already had. We were also not distracted so a conversation had each of our full attentions.

I highly recommend getting out of town for two nights and letting the mind relax. It’s not easily to leave the world behind, but the world that you enter is well worth it.

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On The Go

My husband works often out of his car. He visits clients all day and uses his car as a quiet space to make phone calls, review his email, or check his calendar. For this reason, he also keeps snacks in the car such as nuts or protein bars.

Last week, he said that he didn’t have time to stop for lunch and was caught eating his snacks until he got home for dinner. This week, I gave him a whey protein powder single dosage packet which he can pour into a bottle of water and shake for an instant meal. He loved it.

I realize that often we are “on the go”. Things happen and sometimes we don’t have enough time to stop for a meal or take care of other daily necessities. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I love spending time with my dad because he is very good about scheduling the day to ensure we sit down for three meals. I was always a healthy weight growing up and one time a dietitian remarked that this was probably why.

It is with these thoughts that I encourage everyone to try and schedule meals as best possible. It’s not healthy to skip. Even if you are on the go, see if you can take a “meal-to-go” with you.

VIDEO: My Husband Loves Survival Tools

My husband loves survival tools so today I tried out the Lightload Towels that start from the size of a half dollar and end up a full size towel for washing, cleaning up, or whatever is useful. He was drooling over them because he thinks they’ll be great for backpacking.  Here is my Hyperlapse video of them (with music):


Making Homemade Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant

Ever since I was a child, I have steered away from aluminum in products.  Antiperspirant is one of the products that heavily uses it and additionally uses it to block pores from perspiration, which makes me think it even more easily can get into the blood stream.  Both of my grandmothers suffered from Alzheimers’ disease and although it has not been proven, there are many theories that aluminum can contribute to the failing of nerves that communicate brainwaves and thoughts.  Thus, for most of my adult life I have been on the lookout for an antiperspirant that didn’t contain this ingredient.

As many of you know, there is a popular white crystal that is a natural solution and can be found in many health food stores.  In my experience, this stick is a nuisance due to having to wet it under the sink each time you want to use it.  This not only is often inconvenient, but I found it dripped water on my clothing in the path from the sink to my arm.  Thus, I didn’t love it.

Then, last year, I heard about a recipe to make homemade version of deodorant and I have finally found a solution.  This recipe uses natural products found in your kitchen cabinet and works like a charm.  Since I started using it, I have made 2-3 batches, and it never fails.

I adapted this recipe from WellnessMama:

I hope you like it as much as I do!

Luggage Weight: The Value of Preparedness

There have been so many times that I have gone to the airport biting my fingernails in hopes that my luggage wouldn’t be overweight. It’s not that I overpack, but with so many of my transcontinental moves, I seem to be continually transporting lots of items in a suitcase.

This week, I received a device that allows you to weigh your luggage accurately at home before you leave for the airport. When it arrived, I felt I was able to sigh with relief. Although I no longer travel as much, I still have things in storage in multiple countries so I am sure my days of luggage at the weight limit are not yet completely over. There is nothing worse than having to open up your baggage on the floor at check-in to transfer items from one bag to another in order to avoid the $100 penalty fee.

Avoiding that chaos by receiving this gadget reminds me of the value of preparation. Both of my parents are very organized. They not only pack ahead of time with accuracy, but also eat three meals a day at approximately the same time. I’m looking forward to a visit from my Dad in June because I realize how relaxing this framework can be.

I love knowing that so many details will be looked after. I so much enjoy sitting down to eat rather than grabbing something on the way to my next appointment. I realize life can sometimes be hectic, but creating organization and structure can create so many rewards. It allows us to think more clearly, make more educated decisions, and certainly spend less money on last minute purchases.

Lastly, these days I am not only traveling less, but I am thinking more about creating my own family. I hope that one day I can be this solid rock of consistency for my children. I hope that they know they can get three balanced meals in our house a day. I very much also hope that they will travel and often. I just hope to also lend them my new digital scale.


My husband is very much into emergency survival planning. This means that he spends his free time preparing the following and that we have the below items on hand at all times:

    -Enough food for two people and a dog for a month

    -Canned goods or dehydrated food with expiration dates at least two to three years in the future

    -Five gallons of water

    -Five gallons of rice

    -An alternate meeting place five minutes from our house in the chance we can’t get home

    -An extra pair of sneakers in our car in the chance that we have to walk home

I am grateful to my husband for preparing us despite my often teasing him about his “hobby”.  Before I met him, I never knew there were so many people creating products, solutions, and preparations for “what if”.

This made me think some about what is needed mentally if something were to happen such as an earthquake or riot.  In my opinion, preparing to react is just as important to ensure we can put all the goods to use.  For me, I put this on my list:

    -Be in the now

I realize it is a single thing, but I feel it is the one thing necessary.  I foresee many people forecasting what could happen or stress because of so many unknowns.  We could run a million scenarios in our head, but it’s important to stay present.

At the same time, if people around you start to panic, it’s important not to get pulled in that direction.  It will be important to stay up-to-date on the media, but not to let it overwhelm us.

Since all of his friends also are aware of his pastime, if something ever happens, I am sure our house will become a headquarters for many people who haven’t planned. My plan is to help them stay here and be present. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, I hope you can find a way to stay calm too.