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Good Day For A Car Wash!

The weather in California, as well as in Europe, has been so warm recently.  I’ve been enjoying it by going to yoga and using the heat to more easily open up my muscles and joints.  Maggie and I have taken our walks either in the morning or in the evening which has also been a nice change of pace.

I often speak to the benefit of the heat for our bodies.  I feel it’s important to sweat at least once a day for detox reasons. By nature, I don’t sweat easily so it’s important for me to do things that create that energy such as yoga and spin.

Here I am getting ready to wash my car with my new chenille gloves that are great.  Washing the car is more meditative than sweaty, but if the heat keeps up, it might be different!



Summer Is Here and The Weather Is Hot

Over the past few weeks, the weather in LA has gotten quite warm.  I know because my husband works in the air-conditioning business and he’s been much busier.  The time has also slipped away from me because my dad was visiting from the east coast and he was taking my dog on walks in the evening while I taught yoga.  When he’s not in town, I take her during the day.  Now, it’s gotten quite warm to take her during our normally scheduled times.

For this reason, I got a new waistband that allows me to carry her water easily on my hips.  I realize it may be made for runners, but I think it will be very useful for the long stretches we often go and there is no place to stop for water.

I’m disappointed that my dad has left and no longer joins me to my yoga classes. Fortunately, he’s planning on coming back soon for another visit.  Both Maggie and I are looking forward to it!

My summer plans…#dogslife #ocean #beachlife #goforitwaistbag #hotsun

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Learning About New Worlds Via Books

This week, I listened to the audiobook The Boys In The Boat which is about the eight men from Seattle who won the Olympic gold in Berlin in 1936.  It was a long and hard road to get there, but they did it and survived to tell the tale.  I learned so much about pre-war Germany, the Depression, and about training for the Olympics.  It opened me up to a world I didn’t know much about and it encouraged me to also find my “inner athlete”.

I often like to listen to books while I walk my little dog and we are fortunate to have places nearby to go where I can concentrate less on the environment around us.  I can truly tune into the story and take home with me lessons, history, and new knowledge.

This week I got a new waistband/belt that holds my cellphone and car keys.  I love it because I can easily pull out my phone and rewind the audio books to chapters or sections that I may have missed or that I would like to hear again. (  I will never forget the portrayal of Hitler as he created his propaganda movies or the blood, sweat, and tears that the boys needed to accomplish their goal.

I feel fortunate to have this time, my dog, and the accessories to allow me to learn…even after being out of school for many years.  


The Intuition of Dogs

Sometimes I dread taking the dog out for a walk.  Sometimes I can’t wait to do it. On good days, we walk for over two hours.  Maggie could go for much more if I let her and very often I do.

I posted recently a video to Instagram on my excitement. I got a great new belt to hold my keys, cell phone, and whatever else we need on our adventure.  I’m realizing that her plan to get me outside for some fresh air is working.  When we come back from our walks, I always feel refreshed, happier, and more optimistic. I always knew that dogs were smarter than humans and have greater intuition. Before I had her, I never went for walks.

Maggie also knows that petting her is good for the soul and nervous system. We’ll be posting videos of those times too since they too are numerous.

Getting just a little excited for my new running/dog-walking belt #lifeatthebeach #respirobelt #dogslife

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Starting Them Young

As Maggie and I took our morning walk today at the beach at 8am, we saw a father/daughter pair walking out of the water after their surf session.  I had to do a double take because the child was of barely walking age.  She must have been maybe two years old.  Her dad was caring her Crocs, but she was doing very well managing her stride in her Ripcurl wetsuit.  Even professional surfers often hobble in those plastic pants.

This made me love LA and realize how great it is for parents to teach their children at a young age a very valuable sport.  When it comes to sports and languages, it’s always easier to learn them when we’re young.  Surfing, in particular, teaches us to swim, enjoy the nature, and be in the moment.

Maggie and I are enjoying our morning walks and my new athletic gear to hold my cell phone and keys.  If she liked the water, I may try and teach her to swim, but for now, we’ll stick to the walking path and my carrying our things.

Rediscovering Wayne Dyer

Maggie and I are headed out on a walk and are planning on listening to Wayne Dyer via an audiobook. I was fortunate to hear him speak last year at the Hay House Conference in Pasadena, Ca.

Despite hearing a lot about him over the years, I had never truly given him much time. He speaks to living our truth, believing in ourselves, and being in the present moment. I looking forward to discovering more about him and his wise words!

I have a new set of Sentley Flow headphones that I’m looking forward to trying out!

Memorial Day Is Here!

Although the weather doesn’t really change much throughout the year in LA, we do get stuck with two months of “June Gloom”.  It means the mornings are often cloudy, overcast, and a little bit of rain.  With Memorial Day weekend here, we know that summer is in sight and the gloom will soon go away.

Here is a shot of my recent camping trip with the June Gloom hitting our tent in the morning.  I’m looking forward to many more days of relaxing in my hiking boots and using our paracord, but in the sun.


It’s Only May And It’s Already Hot

This year, Los Angeles has had a funny winter.  We barely had any cool weather and already we’re back up to 90 degrees at the end of April.  I know that I shouldn’t complain when the east coast got covered in snow, but it does feel strange to have barely taken out our Uggs and other winter clothing.

Today I got a collapsible cup in the mail and it couldn’t be better timed.  When I go walking with my dog, she often likes to stop for a drink of water on these hots days. We love walking to the beach and there is rarely any shade often for a mile or so.  I try to sometimes take her walking in the mornings when it isn’t so hot, but this isn’t always possible.

As you may have heard, California is also in a dire way when it comes to water.  We are in a drought and it doesn’t seem to be getting better.  With the continued hot weather, it doesn’t help the situation.

We will see what happens to this state and how it will affect our daily lives.  Until now, we haven’t seen any change in that our water bills have stayed the same and there are few rations/sanctions put into place to conserve.  I can only imagine it will hurt the price of food at some point, but I do hope the farmers find another way to hydrate their land.

Until then, I am grateful for the sunny days that allow Maggie and I to hit the beach.  We enjoy these times so much and even if we already are only wearing t-shirts, we are happy to be together.

It's hot! Grabbing some water in the office #notjustagadget #dogslife

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Short on D – The Latest Epidemic

Over the last year or two, it has become very common for people to be short on vitamin D.  They say we are wearing lots of sunscreen these days, which is great to stop skin cancer, but it’s stopping us also from getting all the vitamins that we need.  If sunscreen is to blame, I am guilty.  I put it on everyday.

Last week, my doctor took a blood test and told me that I needed to come up 25% on my Vitamin D intake.  At first I didn’t believe it because I walk my little dog in the sun everyday.  But, I do wear sunscreen so it could be possible.  Thank goodness that 25% didn’t sound so bad.  She said to take a supplement of 1000 UI each day and I’d be fine. I was fortunate to find some in my vitamin drawer.

As I was looking to refresh that bottle since it would only last me a few more weeks, I found that a cream is now available on the market that allows the skin to absorb the vitamins for you.  I liked this.  It means one less supplement to take and to think about.  When I moisturize, I heal.

I got a pump asap and really like it.  It has a light odor and doesn’t feel heavy at all on the skin.  I’m going to reach that 25% in no time.

Music, Maggie, and Momma! #video

Maggie got a new leash this week and I had so much fun making this video with her. I hope you enjoy it. It’s short and sweet 🙂