Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

I have been taking cooking classes this week and much to my suprise, they have been very fun.  The chefs introduce us to traditional techniques as well as the latest trends in cooking supplies. I created a video here of my experience which includes some of the dishes from the following classes:

-Summer Small Plates

-Italian Specialities

-Middle Eastern Cuisine

One of my favorite new tools is the silicon baking mat.  It stops me from having to use foil, parchment paper, and/or get my baking sheet extremely greasy.  It’s fantastic.

I’ve been taking classes at both Sur Le Table and The Gourmandaise School.  Both are excellent and for different reasons….Sur Le Table provides delicious meals and Nespresso coffee in under two hours.  Gourmandaise is more hands on, includes more actually teaching, and allows each person to cook their own meal from start to finish.  I’ve been trying both due to their schedule and how interesting the classes sound.

If you are thinking of taking a class, I’d highly recommend it!

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