Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

My husband loves cats and dogs.  Despite his very masculine nature, he loves watching those crazy cat videos on YouTube in his free time.  He has a friend who works with animals and every time he sees a good one, he sends it to her.  She thinks he sits around all day watching them.  I think he would if he could.

Today, I am sharing a fun photo since these crazy cat videos and photos are that…they are fun! They make life a little lighter and a bit more joyful for a few minutes.  I liked this one of the cat driving the car because it also reminded me of the cool new magnetic phone holders that we just got for our cars.

I don’t think my husband watches the videos in his car, but if he does, he’s all set. He often works from the driver’s seat by answering calls and emails.  Since he likes the videos so much, he’s welcome to sneak one in…while he’s parked.

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