Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

Today, I got an all-purpose cleanser that comes with one bottle, but eight soap containers.  The solution is concentrated and when you run out of one, you insert the next one into the original squirt bottle.  You use the same plastic spray bottle each time.  I created a YouTube Video of myself filling it for the first time:

It brought to mind the U.S.-wide urge to do away with plastic bottles.  In my opinion, if there are ways to get around using extra plastic, then we should do it.  In Europe, they have never really used plastic bags at the grocery store.  The U.S. is just catching onto this idea.

The idea of doing away with plastic water bottles though does sound interesting since we have become so used to them in the past years.  I am looking forward to seeing how cities like San Francisco do without using them (

My Dad is coming to visit this week and he is very good about ensuring he has his own bag when going into the grocery store. As for me, I often still forget it consistently in the car.  I most often don’t buy a bag, but end up juggling my items in my arms out of the store.  Let’s see if he can get me more in the habit and looking less like a monkey.  I seem to have the plastic thing taken care of at home.

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