Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

In our neighborhood, the Los Angeles Fire Department created six-week classes to help citizens become more aware about what to do in the case of an earthquake or other emergency. For the past six Wednesday evenings, my husband and I got to know some more of our neighbors and learned a lot about emergency preparedness. We learned about how to find a local pay phone in the chance that cell service doesn’t work, we learned to make a sling for a broken arm, and we learned to put out a fire with an extinguisher among many other things.

At the end of our training, we got these backpacks with a flashlight, a hard hat, and 10+ other tools. I’m supplementing mine with an LED flashlight that gets power from the sun. It is great to have in the car and not have to worry about running out of battery power.

All these things go into being prepared. I’m glad we took the course and made new friends, but I’m also hoping I never have to lean on the LAFD. I’m hoping the emergency never comes.

Finished our earthquake training last night! #newfriends #LAFD #hopeweneverhavetocallthem #aylflashlight

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