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As many of you know, I make my own homemade sunscreen because I like to exclude the chemicals that are often in store-bought products. For many people, the process can be intimidating. It has a little bit of a learning curve to ensure you’re melting the beeswax easily, adding the correct amount of coconut oil, and finding the right container to do it all in.

For some of my friends, they prefer to just use a moisturizer that they like and add zinc oxide which creates the SPF. I recently got a tea tree oil product that has minimal ingredients and I’m going to go this route for this batch since it is so simple and easy.

Although store-bought sunscreen may have its place when we are looking for something to hold its consistency or be an exact amount of SPF, but for me and my summer, I’m happy with my tea tree oil, zinc oxide, and chemical experiments in the kitchen.

About to make my next batch of homemade sunscreen! #keevateatreeoil #zincoxide #health #sunlover

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