Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

Last weekend, a good friend of my husbands came by to borrow some camping and first aid gear. He is taking his family into the outdoors for a few days next weekend and they want to be prepared. My husband is known amongst his friends as the go-to guy for these types of items and we were happy to lend things that could be useful.

Just recently, my husband was preparing a list of must-haves for a first aid kit and I was happy to contribute by getting him a Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. He didn’t have one yet, but said it could be useful. My dad had just gotten one for his house a few years back and I too have had my blood pressure taken at doctor’s visits quite often recently.

I decided to look up what blood pressure indicates and found an insightful article: It talks about hypertension and also about prescribing medicine based one’s reading. My husband and I also just completed our earthquake preparedness course and I often saw EMT staff measuring blood pressure during video demonstrations of emergency situations. For this reason, I’m glad we now have our own monitor.

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