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First Time At Yoga With My Wedding Band

Today, I went to the studio where I have been practicing for years.  It’s known for the place to go for “ladies who lunch” and for so many hours I have stared at the huge rocks on the fingers next to me during  “downward facing dog.”

I realize looking at others during yoga is not very yogic, but I am still human.  I always wondered if I, too, one day would wear a wedding band to yoga at 11 a.m. on a Thursday when most other people are at work.

When I realized this as I set up for my first downward dog, I took a moment to be happy about where I am in life and happy with my decision to finally say “I do.”  I felt very much right at home in this room of ladies.

Then, I realized, I felt right at home in this room for the past few years. Actually, nothing had really changed.  I was the same person if I was married or not.  Yes, I was now part of the “Mrs. Club,” but the person I am inside is just the same.

I went through my practice feeling achy and stiff, from not practicing after the activity of the wedding.   Feeling achy and stiff had happened to me in other parts of my life.

It made me realize that we so often yearn for goals and think, “When I get there, life will be perfect.”  In this instance, I had been saying, “When I get married, I’ll be different and better.”   Actually, I’m good now and I was before, too.  It also made me realize that maybe that’s the reason he married me :).


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