Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

First Time Yoginis & First Time Mommas

Last week, I taught a private prenatal yoga class to a momma-to-be who was doing yoga for the first time. A majority of women who come to prenatal yoga are often exploring yoga since it’s one of the exercises recommended during the 9-month waiting period.

This week, a friend of mine, Desi Bartlett, had a photographer join her prenatal class and the photos are very fun. There are mommas laughing, getting a massage, and being peaceful with their babies. If you have ever wondered what a prenatal class looks like, this is a great way to peak around:…/desibartlettprenatalyogaa…/ (you will have to enter your email to see them).

If you are like my first-time yogi client, you may be more inclined to try a yoga dvd. My friend Desi has a dvd as does Julie Schoen. I love them both and would recommend getting in your yoga in any way you can!

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