Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

German Leadership

My mom and my step-dad just came back from a short vacation in Munich and they had such a good time. My mom was telling me all about their view of BMW HQ, the delicious schnitzel that they ate, and the friendly people. It reminded me of the many visits I have made to that lovely city and the many fantastic experiences.

This week, I also got a new foam pillow that was made in Germany and it reminded me also of the quality products that come from there. Besides BMW, there are so many good things that we use or see everyday like Henkel knives, the Disney castle modeled after Neuschwanstein and German beer.

With the recent debate between Greece and the EU, I think again on the leadership of Germany. They are a large country and doing their job well by leading the guidelines for which Greece needs to follow to succeed.

I look forward to sleeping peacefully tonight on my pillow, dreaming of my adventures in Bavaria, and wishing good things for the future in Greece.

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