Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

Getting Our Camping Gear Together

My husband and I spent a good portion of the year preparing our camping gear.  We visit outdoor shops like REI about once a month and review items that we think could add to our outdoor experience.  For months, he’s been wanting to get a manual coffee grinder so his beans can stay whole until the last minute.

This week, he got his wish and he LOVES it.  He said it’s great quality and he can’t wait to use it.  It’s so exciting to get a product that we love and are sure to enjoy.  It makes us even more excited to go camping and that makes me happy.

Our time out in the woods is grounding for us as individuals and as a couple.  I find we connect better when there are less distractions around us and it allows us to more easily come back to our basic values.  Thus, whatever we can do to encourage us to go camping more often is a good thing.  With our new grinder, we’re one step closer.

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