Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

This week I have a friend going through a tough time. She found out a few days ago that she’s having a miscarriage and is now trying to recuperate both physically and emotionally. After having gone through my own miscarriage last year, I know how deeply devastating this can be. During the first few days, you are not only exhausted from the pregnancy hormones, but so disappointed about the loss. As mentioned, it’s been a year, but I still get pangs of emotional sadness at times.

I’m hoping to see my friend over the next few weeks and I have been thinking hard about something that I could bring her to cheer her up and also be feminine. Because this process is exclusively for women, I’d like to bring her something that helps support her female side. Flowers are certainly one alternative, but I’d like to bring something that is longer lasting.

Today, I thought of bringing her some argan oil and I’m looking forward to putting it in some pretty wrapping paper. Argan oil is great as a basic face moisturizer, but it’s also great as a base for mixing essential oils. Before the miscarriage, my friend had recently re-discovered essential oils and was having fun mixing them for both herself and her two-year-old.

I’m hoping this gift will bring her back to those playful days and also encourage her to use those oils again for healing. Although I have never been an active advocate of “girl power” when things like this happen where only women can empathize, I feel it’s nice to tune into our feminine side. For me, it was healing and nourishing. Finally, after one year, I am interested again in starting a family.

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