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Today it rained in LA and I decided not to venture out for yoga.  The traffic is even worse when it rains here and I preferred to catch up on things at home.  Around 2pm though I realized I had been sitting all day and needed to stretch.

It was still raining so I couldn’t go for a walk.  I decided to pull out a yoga dvd instead and it was great.  I was feeling very limber after just a few minutes and I was still in my office.

I like to have a few dvds at home although I don’t often play them.  I much prefer getting out to a studio with other energy to complete my practice, but having the flexibility to do things at home is great.

As a yoga teacher, I also am able to design my own practice, but very often I enjoy not thinking about what pose is next and just following someone else’s sequence.

Here’s to rainy days!

My rainy day exercise #LA #storm #drippinginside #yogaweightloss

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