Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

My husband teases me that I sleep for amazingly long periods of time.  In reality, I think I sleep an average number of hours, but I never skimp. If I can’t get my eight hours, then I adjust my schedule so that I can get as close as I can.

Since we’ve been married, I have convinced him to turn off the television one to two hours earlier than he used to in his bachelor days.  In my opinion, good rest is better than what we hear in the media. Or when we travel and the room isn’t completely dark as the sun rises, I always ensure I have a quality sleeping mask so I stay asleep. This one is one of my favorites because it doesn’t let even one ray of sun in:

One day, I meditated on why I like going to bed early and why I highly prioritize it.  What came to me was that when I am asleep, good things happen.  I receive the mental nourishment I need to go out during the day to complete my tasks with kindness and compassion.  It makes me more genuine in my interactions and it allows me to think creatively.

To me, this made sense because in the few times that I didn’t get enough sleep, I was not so aware of others or able to pick up on subliminal messages.  My mother and I use the saying “we are so out of it” or “walking zombies” when we don’t get enough rest and I feel that explains it perfectly.  I can function and complete tasks by being on automatic pilot, but I certainly can’t come up with unique solutions and I often will create minor accidents in my path.

As my husband and I think about creating a family over the next year, I am not sure how I am going to adjust to being woken up multiple times during the night and living off “minimal sleep,” as my parent friends call it. I will just have to take it one day at time.  All I know now is that late-night television creates a zombie out of me.

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