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The Best Workout DVDs for Kids
Yoga for Families
Simple stretches and poses that kids and parents can do together. “I really liked all the bending and twisting, especially the Cookie Jar Crunch,” Kaya, 6, says. Ages 4 and up, 55 minutes, $20,

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, February 2009.


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Become yogis…
when they jump, breathe, laugh, dance, and sing with their families. The yoga for families DVD menu lets viewers choose the music to play during their yoga session. They can also make a session shorter or longer to suit stamina and time.



“Your DVD is a perfect fit for our non-exclusive catalog of special interest and documentary titles”  Originally published in March/April issue 2009


Yoga for Families DVDAn upbeat video instruction session that lasts only 31 minutes. It’s perfect for busy adults and children. Filmed in Cancun and offering a choice of music, this yoga DVD offers something out of the ordinary. There are five segments, book-ended by an introduction and the closing poses. No props are required, and the instructors are clear, without being patronizing.  Originally published in Fort Worth Star-Telegram, February 19, 2009.




Yoga for Families Review”
Amara and I had a blast doing this the other day. Amara is 4.5 and I was surprised at how well this DVD held her attention. The usage of bright and vivid colors and ever changing scenery’s was very refreshing.

I asked Amara what her favorite part of the DVD was and it was definitely when she was instructed to act like an animal while doing the poses. She also liked the partner segment where she and I were able to work together. There were lots of giggles there! I loved those parts as well, but the thing that I enjoyed the most was the small segments.

I recommend this DVD to anyone that has kids or knows anyone that has kids! It’s a great way to expose young people to exercise, but more importantly how to have fun while doing it.”

Originally published in Fitness Crazed Momma on January 12, 2009



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“Filmed in Cancun, Mexico, Yoga for Families features a musical score that fits the mood of the location and keeps the family motivated to keep moving. The DVD includes: Introduction, Warm-Up, Dynamic I (Karate Warrior), Dynamic II (Cookie Jar Crunch), Breathing, Relaxation, and Namaste.”


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