Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

January Is My Favorite Month To Do Yoga

The holidays are usually festive, fun, and joyful. At the same time, we don’t typically have much time for ourselves. Each day is filled with visiting friends, family, and out in the malls shopping. This is why my first yoga session or two in January is so great. It’s time for me to get back on the mat, not have to speak to anyone, and take a chance to focus on myself.

When I teach, I often say that the hour of yoga is unique time in that we are not the one to pick up the phone, we don’t have any emails to write, and we do not need to answer the door. No one is looking for us. If they are, we’re busy. We’re in yoga.

I find that getting this time is so valuable to me. It gives me an opportunity to see what my personal needs and wants are. There is no needing to run after someone’s whims and I can decide what is best for my true self.

Besides mentally coming into this “me” space, I use the physical by staring deeply at my yoga mat in downward facing dog. It’s a chance for me to block out any distractions like people in the room or even what the teacher is saying. This “blank” slate and heart opening pose allows me best to tune into what my heart is saying.

This January, I went an extra step and I did a cleanse twice in order to clear my head and body. Despite being reluctant and not sure if I could mentally make it through, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. First, I did a food cleanse with #LiveBeaming where I ate salads, drank smoothies, and brewed milk thistle tea.

Then, I went a step further and did this coconut cleanse that adds extra fiber to one’s diet to flush out the colon. Both techniques made me feel better, lose some bloat, and also made me more flexible.

As we roll into February, I am realizing that my favorite month is soon behind me and that my yoga practice is moving into a new stage. It’s not the “freshness” of being back on my mat again that is keeping me in class, but it’s the fact that I’m getting stronger and I’m feeling more grounded overall. That feeling of knowing where you are headed, despite not knowing the path, is priceless!

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