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Finding Small Personal Gifts

I have learned many things from my yoga teachers. I have learned about alignment, rhythm of the flow, and ancient yoga teachings.  I have also learned about chocolate.  I have learned that sometimes it’s just really nice to have the teacher bring you a little gift for after class.  For this reason, I often bring chocolates and leave them by their mats while they are seated in meditation.  It’s so lovely to open one’s eyes and find a personal surprise.

When we are centered, focused, and in tune with our true self, it’s lovely to see that reflected back to us.  Having students show up for class, give it their all, and bless me with their presence is huge.  It fills me with such emotion that I like to reflect that back to them.  I am so happy that they come and find that a small piece of chocolate is a small amount of appreciation for their efforts.

I also love good music so I am enjoying using the new wireless bluetooth speaker I got for class.  I may send them home with songs in their head too and hopefully a yearning to come back for more yoga.

Chocolate and music…a little #motivation to get on the mat! #Yoga #workout #feelbetterafter

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