Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

Today I got a pair of SPF 50 sun-protection sleeves in the mail and I couldn’t be more excited.  Despite my trying to avoid sun, wear sunscreen, and put on long-sleeved shirts, I still continue to get more color than I think is healthy.  I know that Vitamin D is important, but here in California, the sun is so strong that even after fifteen minutes, I often get burnt.

Last week, I took Maggie for a walk and I discovered again how great it is to walk outdoors.  She takes me on these adventures where we wander through our community, meet neighbors, and listen to books on tape (ok, just I listen while she walks).

When I return from our outings, I am always calmer, feeling physically better, and I always have a different perspective on things.  When I sit at home, I circle around and around about decisions or projects that move through my brain, where often I end up at the same dead-end conclusions.  When I move, however, new ideas consistently spring into my mind.

For example, today I had completely forgotten to email a friend with some information.  Yesterday, I was so excited to connect with her and I told myself to write her as soon as I was back at my computer.  With the Monday rush of things to do, it completely slipped my mind.  Then, just as Maggie and I were walking back from our outing, I remembered.  I quickly sat down and sent her the important note.

Contrarily, sometimes I feel reluctant to take her because it feels like so much effort, but it’s never as much as I think.  As soon as we start walking, I quickly catch fresh energy and feel myself stepping with vigor more and more in each step. With my new sun-protection sleeves, I can’t wait to continue listening, to create clarity, and to live life to the fullest.

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