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As I wrote earlier this week, my accupuncturist recommends that I increase my intake of good fats. I have been eating avocados, including coconut oil in my coffee, and looking out for macadamia nuts.

Whenever I eat these things, I seem to think of Hawaii. My cousin lives in Honolulu and I used to work there so I have so many great memories of the Aloha lifestyle. It’s a bit more laid back and there is a feeling of relaxation as you step off the plane even if you are there to implement software, as I did.

This week I am also watching a tv series that seems to be taking my interest intensely. Girls is about four women in their 20’s who are exploring careers, relationships, and life in general. This show reminds me of Hawaii because it was during that age that I went there very often for work.

As I look back 10-15 years ago this week, I feel fortunate to have had those years. I enjoy going to Hawaii with my husband too, but there was no replacing a visit when I was eating coconuts, macadamia nuts, and exploring life as a young adult!


Starting the day off with a taste of Hawaii! #islandvibranceamazon #coconutoil #doctorrecommended

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