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Loving Her Treats!

My little dog Maggie loves certain dog treats. When one catches her eye, she can’t seem to take them off her treat (per the photo below).

Not all treats are the same and I think she has a good instinct on which ones are good for her.  She trusts her instincts on many foods and always stays away from basic dog “no-nos” like onions and chocolate.  If we are walking on the street and she finds such an item before I can identify it, she consistently sniffs it, but then walks away.

I’m glad that Maggie is liking her turkey liver treats in this photo.  They are all-natural and pure liver.  Since she doesn’t get liver for dinner very often, this is a great way to get the nutrients in an easy way. I’m all for her trusting her instincts!

Keeping her eyes on the ball/treat! #dogslife #stewartpet

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