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Making A Good Impression For Things We Value

Very often, I find myself walking out of the house without brushing my hair. My hairdresser told me last year that brushing your hair everyday wasn’t recommended. Not brushing helps to prevent split ends and “wear and tear”. I took this as an excuse to go with the messy look and I often put it up in a clip. Most people would never notice. Or at least I hope.

Very often, I find myself walking into professional environments and feel the need to groom myself a little better. I keep a hairbrush in my purse for this reason and very often find myself grabbing it on the way into the building from the parking garage where I teach yoga. I teach 2-3 times a week for the employees of the company who create PomWonderful, Fiji Water, and a variety of other brands. If I look back on the last year, I have brushed my hair more often in their lobby than in my own bathroom.

This week, I got a new brush that has a hot pink handle and seems to have the latest technology in detangling. I love it because I can easily find it in my purse and despite my efforts to think more often of brushing it before I leave the house, it just hasn’t happened.

I love my job at Roll Global and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The people are nice, the class level fits very well with my style of teaching, and I’m doing something that I love. I feel very blessed to have found this role and I am proud to lead their yoga program.

Thus, I’m going to make sure I look most presentable when I enter that building each time. I can’t promise that I’ll brush my hair before I leave the house, but I will most often get to it before I get there.

Mobile office… Car keys and hair brush. I most often only brush my hair right before meetings #Shsh #lastminute #oldhabits

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