Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

Making Birthdays Spread The Whole Week

For my husband’s birthday this year, he needed a bunch of small items rather than one big item so I decided to go with the quantity route. He’s gotten a extra long titanium spoon for camping, a copper mug that he’s wanted for a long time, and some energy bars without sugar that he loves. Since giving him these items over a period of days was possible, I decided to do that.

What I’ve been finding is that we get to celebrate him now for a few days and not just on Saturday. It’s making each gift also more special because he has time to review it and treasure it rather than all the gifts shadowing each other. He’s also been able to enjoy using each gift every day leading up to his birthday which is creating even more excitement.

On Saturday, we’ll go to a party with some of his closest friends and I’m positive they will be toasting, roasting, and celebrating his life all evening (per the photo from our wedding last November). I’m glad that we’ve been able to celebrate a little bit each day together, and with our dog, at home. Although each item is small, each item has become bigger with a full day to honor it and him.

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