Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

Mothers’ Day Is Around The Corner

This year, my mother will be 6000 miles away on our special day. Not only is it Mothers’ Day, but I was born on her day, so we often celebrate together. I love retelling the story of how when they wheeled my mom into the hospital at 7am on that Sunday, they already wished her a happy Mothers’ Day although I was still a few hours from arriving.

This year, my mom and my step-dad are headed to their hometown for the summer and are trying to make it before all the tourists arrive. They both grew up in Prague and now that I live in California, we often spend many months a year living nine hours in time difference apart.

Fortunately, with the use of technology, we are able to keep in touch. We email four to five times a day and use it like a conversation. She also has an iPhone so she’s able to check for messages even when she isn’t at her desk. Lastly, I also sent her a present early and I think she’s going to love it. It’s a picture made into a puzzle by Piczzle Picture Puzzle (Facebook: or YouTube: ) of the two of us from my wedding in November and I know she loves that photo, plus she loves puzzles!

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