Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

My Husband Makes The Coffee Around Here

My husband and I both love coffee. It’s not the typical caffeine fix that we adore, but the taste, the process, and the art of quality beans. We spend time reviewing different roasters, grinders, and also different types of milk to complement the bean. One could say we like looking at coffee like some people review wine.

Thus, we have three or four ways to make coffee in our house from a drip pot, to an Italian espresso stove top gadget, to a French press, and finally, his much loved Pasquini espresso machine. He got it a few years ago as a gift from a client and we use it everyday. It’s the type typically used in Italian cafes and we love it.

My niece asked a few months ago if I operated the Pasquini since my husband and I both adore the coffee it makes. I realized that I leave the operating of heavy machinery to him and I just help prepare the cups. I probably could do it, but it takes some muscle to get the metal cup to sit very tight in order to let it drip properly.

I realized that there are some things in the house that I like to leave up to him. He takes out the garbage, he makes a large majority of the income, and he grills. The rest of other things are left up to me.

As I move through the stages of a new marriage after 39 years of being single, I find it so interesting how women and men take on different roles. They are created by nature and nurture. Each couple has to find a route that works for them. I am grateful that I love my husband and I also love his coffee.

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