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My Parents And Pesky Stains

Although my parents have been divorced for almost 30 years, I still feel like they have some interesting things in common and can see how they got together in the first place. I can also see why it didn’t last, but their interest in fashion, European living, and parenting are ones that I am sure brought them together initially and easily.

One of the other things that has commonly developed for them both individually is their amazing ability to remove stains. When they come to visit, each of them often help me review my closet and my house for items that need some upkeep. My whites always look whiter and my colors always look brighter after they leave.

This week, I discovered a new product that I am looking forward to trying when they come out next as we are all often comparing the latest soaps and technologies. I learned that lemon essential oil is a great way to take out stains. I found these directions on and am looking forward to trying it out:

“Stain Remover Directions
Apply the Lemon essential oil ( all over the stain. Immediately throw the item in the washing machine and wash. This does not work like other stain removers. You can use it on old dried out stains and I have done this before but the trick is to apply the Lemon essential oil right before you throw it in the washer. If you let the Lemon sit on there to ‘pre-treat’ the stain then you might end up with a bit of a yellowing effect!
– See more at:…/easy-homemade-stain-remover.…

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