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Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

New Changes and Challenges

I found some baby elephants on my laptop today.  Actually, I put them there last night.  I got a vinyl decal that makes my laptop original when it’s sitting amongst a sea of other Macbooks in a classroom, coffee shop, or at the Apple Genius Bar.

This week I decided to accept a scholarship and assistantship to attend Pepperdine University here in Los Angeles for my Masters in Strategic Communications.  This is a degree that I have always had interest in since undergrad, but never prioritized to truly study past a few classes.  I feel fortunate to have been selected for the small incoming class of Fall 2015 of twelve or so students.

As I prepare to enter this next stage of my life, I am looking around at my hopes, dreams, and realities.  I have been reading books of authors that are well known to look closer at their writing techniques, I have been reflecting on my education thus far and all that I am grateful for until now, and I have been getting my school supplies together like this vinyl decal.  In a room full of Macbooks, I want to be sure that no one mistakes theirs for mine and/or vice versa.

Altering paths is often a scary and intimidating thing.  I have thought hard about how my schedule and my life in general will be altered.  At the same time, I am excited for this new path and the opportunities it allows. Next summer, I will be completing an internship and in full swing of this new career.  It’s a world that I always admired, but never thought I would truly step into.

Here’s to new changes, challenges, and jumping into worlds unknown!

I found some baby elephants on my laptop today #unique #vati #socute #animals

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