Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

New Toys for Maggie

IMG_1642My little dog Maggie doesn’t really like toys, but she loves hanging out with adult humans.  It’s her favorite to walk around greeting people or just lying down at the park and watching people walk by.  Corgis are known to be social dogs and she fits the stereotype completely.

Thus, when we get her “toys”, these are never the typical dog toys like stuffed animals or bones.  This month, we got a cover for the front seat of my car to protect the seat from her dog hair.  Although she doesn’t shed very much, it’s still enough to notice after a few weeks.

Now that she has her new item, it’s much easier to take her around town with me and for her to interact with people.  Toys are meant to bring enjoyment and this bucket seat protector is for sure doing it’s job!

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