Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

For the past few months, I have gotten obsessed with camping and getting outdoors on the weekends.  My husband is busy with work during the summer and winter months which only leaves us a few weekends in the spring and fall to get out of town.  Thus,  I started planning and booking weekends for every weekend I could, as I do like to travel.

This year, I have fallen in love again with our home state of California and have booked every campground within a 2-hour drive.  We drive out Thursday afternoon and come home on Sunday.  Sometimes we do car camping and sometimes we do some backpacking.

It has been AWESOME for our psyche, spirit, and health to spend all these hours outside.  Every time we come home, I feel refreshed, healthy, and peaceful.  Getting into nature seems to somehow calm the soul and allow us to get back to our roots.  We check in with our priorities, we communicate on a variety of different topics, and we make decisions that often seem unclear when we leave town on Thursday.

Since we’ve gotten so much enjoyment out of these trips, we spend a good portion of our week preparing goods and food for the weekend.  Whenever we get something new, we very often say “this would be great for camping!”.  We get excited and either put it with our camping things or on a list of things to take.  One of our latest gadgets are foldable water bottles that are made out of silicone, for example.  They are light, BPA-free, and look cool.

It’s with these thoughts that I say bon voyage and see you around the campfire!

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