Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

Last weekend we went camping for my 40th birthday and it was fantastic. We took a ferry to Catalina Island, hiked about .25 miles, and spent a lazy weekend in nature.  My husband is very handy and is a great outdoors partner because he always knows the best tools.  Over the weekend, he put up a tarp over our tent to protect us from the sun with just a few feet of paracord.  He said it’s the key item when camping, working outside, or preparing for emergencies such as earthquakes.

When we were taking the ferry back home with all the other experienced campers and backpackers, I saw a guy with a great paracord bracelet.  I thought that my husband must be right and in the know.  Paracord saved us from the heat and may even save our life one day.  Here’s a photo of our awesome tent!


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