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My husband is very selective about which photos we send to family, post to Facebook, etc. Not only does he want to make sure all participants look as good as possible, but he also wants to ensure the shot is appealing to the eye. It needs to be centered and have photographic traditional qualities.

I see his point, but sometimes I just want to get the shot out there. I want people to see the bright and shiny faces and get a feel for where we were. Thus, in our marriage, we’ve been learning to negotiate. I post less photos to Facebook, I let him take more photos, and he lets me send out more photos than he traditionally would.

This week we got a selfie stick which is something that I have been wanting for a long time. Now we can take lots more photos when we don’t have someone to click the button for us. I love it. Here we are trying it out. I’m sure he doesn’t love this photo, but I’m putting it in the bucket of photos that I’m allowed to post without much approval. It’s a small bucket, but it’s worth it because it’s part of the bigger picture, literally.

Trying out our new Selfie stick. He doesn't like pictures, but I try hard to convince him #newlyweds #marriage

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