Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

Photos In Hard Copies

This summer, I got inspired to create a few photo books since I realize that we don’t very often print photos any more. There are so many great ones, but we often just leave them on our phone and rarely look at them again. I decided to try and hold onto these great memories a little bit longer with photobooks.

My mom was in her hometown of Prague for eight weeks and my step-dad is a great photographer. He took her photo is so many fabulous places, with beautiful flowers, and with family that we don’t see very often. I sent her the book that arrived upon their arrival back to the U.S. and she loved it. I’m looking forward to flipping through the pages in a few years and reminiscing on the good times she had in 2015.

Book by Shutterfly and Montage. Choose Montage if you want a really high quality one!


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